24 tammikuuta 2021

T in die neue Woche

I always admire this house during my walks in the neighbourhood.
Grey walls and white lists look so fresh.

We have a LOT of snow as you can see on these photos.

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#t in die neue woche #värikollaasit

12 kommenttia:

  1. A really pretty house, even with a ladder on the side. Is it for chimney sweep? Do you have them over at your place? Or is it maybe to free the roof from the snow...getting up easier? Your are having really lot of snow, but it looks so beautiful, especially with the lights. A winter wonderland ;-)

    Thanks for your T’s and sharing and linking.

    Have a cosy Sunday and greetings over to you


    1. Building regulations stipulate here that every house must have roof ladders. They are used for chimney sweeping, that must be done regularly. Of course they are good also if there is a heavy load of snow on the roof. Every year one or two roofs fall down because of too heavy snow burden, mostly sport / tennis buildings.

      Sunday wishes Nova <3

    2. Interesting, and with the chimney sweeping I know from Germany where "the black man" came every year. Over here they do not exist, even you have a fireplace.

  2. Wonderful photos open the gates wide
    the winter time. Would like to be wonderfully decorated
    you like to enter there and the warmth
    of the people living there.
    Best regards to you, Karin Lissi

  3. This sight looks like a fairy tale - beautiful! The warm light makes the landscape and the house in the snow so particularly enchanting!
    Best regards and have a nice Sunday

  4. White and grey are extremely smart together. I do not like grey, only in association with other colours I can stand it.
    Happy Sunday!

  5. I agree with you! That is a beautiful house.The grey and white looks wonderful with all the snow :)

  6. So schön romantisch , ein Haus im Schnee und dann die Beleuchtung in der Dunkelheit, sehr einladend in kalter Nacht.
    Liebe Grüsse am Sonntag

  7. Das sind wunderbare Winterbilder. Hier schmilzt alles immer ganz schnell weg.

  8. ...a beautiful glow.

  9. Wunderschöne Ansichten, der Schnee macht es märchenhaft.
    Es grüßt dich Sieghild

  10. Bonitas fotografías riitta. Besos.


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