03 toukokuuta 2020

T in die neue Woche

Looking forward to all this green appear again, photos from last summer.
This narrow walking gate leads to my garden - feel welcome!
There are two arches for climbers. On the first arch there grows parthenocissus 
and on the second Humulus lupulus ’Aureus’. 

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11 kommenttia:

  1. Good morning Riitta! I love such overgrown arches! What a beautiful garden! And the flower bowl is also wonderfully filled. Nice how the plant hangs over the edge there. I wish you a wonderful Sunday. Stay healthy!
    best regards


  2. What a beautiful view into your garden, as the garden itself. I love such "doors", they are inviting to walk through. Thanks for showing, sharing and linking. I am happy that you are with us by the T.

    Wishing you an beautiful sunday I am sending greetings over to you


  3. Wonderful this view into the green and so beautiful this green gate. Such a beautiful garden!
    Nature is always so important for the soul and for the heart.
    Greetings to your Sunday

  4. Dear Riitta,
    thank you for this beautiful view in your garden. I love the fresh green in spring.♥
    Have an nice Sunday,
    warm greetings moni

  5. ...Riitta, you have a lovely garden, it must demand hours of your time. It's no doubt a labor of love!

  6. Es fehlt nur noch das Schild: "Willkommen im Paradies"!
    Ich kann mir den Garten auch gut vorstellen, wie sich im Herbst ein "Feuerwerk" entwickelt!
    Gute Zeit - und gesund bleiben,

  7. A green paradise, Riitta! Now I understand how you need to spend many hours in your garden to keep it looking so abundant as well as romantic:) Many thanks for sharing your own work with us at All Seasons! Here the reversal has begun and some more stores have opened. Where I used to live, in Southern California where all the beaches are, they have defied the governor's rules, and people are in big groups on the beach like before. They have been couped up for too long.
    Wishing you much joy in your garden this week, Jesh

  8. Oh yes your Garden is a Paradise - wonderful impressionens in green,
    Greetings from Germany

  9. I would like to throll through your wonderful green garden!
    stay healthy, dear riitta!

  10. Gorgeous views of the garden!

  11. Tu jardín se ve precioso. Besos.


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