08 toukokuuta 2020

Friday Bliss #87 - Spring Delights

Spring has come! The maples are blooming with this wonderful green
and there are sprouts here and there. Not much blooming yet, mainly ground covers.

One day I counted 9 wood pigeons in my garden! I like them, they are beautiful birds.
 Photos taken through my kitchen window.

There has been a lot to do in the garden, I’ll list a few:đŸ’„ water of garden pond has been changed 
& my fake ducks got out to swim there... đŸ’„ terrace was cleaned as well and my buddha 
was put in place on a side table... đŸ’„ there has been a lot weeding - Aegopodium podagraria 
drives me crazy! đŸ’„ I visited a garden center & planted some containers - shall show them later.
Spring is such a lovely time!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend - stay safe!

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19 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana kevÀt! Vaahtera on niin heleÀ ja todellinen kevÀÀn kirkastaja. Nautinnon aikaa tÀmÀ kun saa seurata luonnon herÀÀmistÀ.

  2. Hi Riitta,
    thank you for those wonderful spring-delights!
    Wishing you a lovely and good weekend!
    love and hugs, Claudia xo

  3. What a joy to see the sign of spring coming alive in the lovely blossoms and feathered critters. Thank you for hosting and have a beautiful weekend.

  4. Good morning Riitta!

    These are really spring joys! Every picture is wonderful and you don't even want to stop looking. A wonderful weekend for you!

    Greetings Anne

  5. Good morning, dear riitta,
    I love the pictures of your garden in spring.
    I wish you a wonderful Friday
    and send warm greetings

  6. Der Untertitel deines Postes könnte lauten: " Die Natur erwacht mit all ihren Schönheiten "
    ♥liche GrĂŒĂŸe

  7. suloisia kevÀtkuvia!

  8. So beautiful♥ All the colors in the garden, and yes in spring it’s double pretty. Ok, a lot of work too, but all the plants are making a present with their bloom ;-) So, you love the pigeons...not me because the cooing gets on my nerves. I always say: if they only could sing like a canario *gg*

    Have a good start into the weekend, hugs and greetings over to you


  9. Spring...at last!
    Let's enjoy it!

  10. WĂ€hrend bei euch der FrĂŒhling erwacht, befinden wir uns schon mitten in der RosenblĂŒte, also im FrĂŒhsommer. Unglaublich, dies Unterschiede!
    Bon week-end!

  11. Der FrĂŒhling ist neben dem Herbst meine Lieblingsjahreszeit. Im FrĂŒhling erwacht die Natur und im Herbst zeigt sie nochmals alles, was sie hat.
    Das gefÀllt mir.

    Schöne Bilder hast du, die zeigen, was FrĂŒhling ist.

    Mit lieben GrĂŒĂŸen Eva

  12. Spring is extraordinary, bringing so much color and beauty.
    All your photos are wonderful.
    Take care, and have a nice weekend

  13. Spring is the time of beauty and the time of hardwork too, I well know the aegopodium and another wildherb is my horror here: veronica hederifolia (I think, that must it be) - I've puttet out a big rubbish bag of them yesterday and today..
    Enjoy your weekend

  14. ...Aegopodium sure can drive you crazy, but like all plants it has its place. Like where little else grows! Thanks Riitta for hosting.

  15. Se ve muy lindo, yo también estoy trabajando mucho en mi jardín. Besos.

  16. Your views are so peaceful! I can tell you love your garden. What a surprise these pigeons gave you great images for your post:) You are very talented in your design of your photographs, Riitta - they all look very attractive. Have a wonderful spring weekend, Jesh

  17. Nice images. Have a good weekend and stay well.

  18. Hello Riitta.
    I'm happy to see you motivated with your garden.
    Here, next to my house there are also pigeons of the same species. In Portugal they are called Torcaz Pigeons (Columba palumbus L). I sometimes hear them cooing in the trees. I see them perched on the trees and wires of electricity, but I never had the privilege you have, to see them perched on the ground.
    What plant is it, the one with the purple leaves with green clusters, it seems to me Elderberry, is it?
    How beautiful are the carpets of Ranunculos, Narcissus and Bergenias.
    Good weekend!

    1. Hellou Cuco,

      Yes, the garden demands a lot of work but it is lovely especially in the spring time. The tree or bush with purple leaves is no noble variety. It is Sambucus racemosa, very modest and grows well. Birds spread their seeds and seedlings can be found here and there.

      Wishing you a lovely & safe weekend!


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