18 maaliskuuta 2020

Life Under Lockdown

At the moment the whole world seems to be more or less under lockdown or in a state of emergency. 
Also The Finnish Government has declared a state of emergency with many restrictions
in order to slow down the spreading of Covid-19. This is highly important to ensure 
that the health care system does not collapse.

The prognosis as to which procent of the population catches the virus are devastating. 
No one knows at the moment how this proceeds.  So far there are 360 confirmed cases in Finland. 
The low figure is due to low testing; in reality it is estimated that the real amount 
is 20-30 times higher.

The Government has approved a package of emergency measures to protect the population, 
especially the elderly and children. School must close and gatherings of more than 10 people 
are prohibited. Persons over 70 years of age must refrain from contact with other persons 
to the extent possible (quarantine-like conditions). 

Passenger's transport must be suspended as soon as possible, except for the return of 
Finnish citizens and persons residing in Finland, who are advised to return immediately. 
And those who are in the country should not travel abroad.

My husband is over 70 and I a bit under, so we stay home and are well. 
We shop our groceries quickly outside rush hours. Other socal contacts are zero.

I am glad that my granddaughter Helmi was able to fly back home yesterday from Aberdeen, 
Scotland where she studies. She is in a two weeks' quarantine now, but well so far. 
Her brother Hannes takes part today to student exams that are held in an accelerated schedule.

As you see in my photos the nature in Finland is still grey & dormant. 
But the spring is on its way this year, too.
I want to send encouraging greetings to all my blog friends. Stay well!

I leave you a link to Helsingin Sanomat.  
The photos show how empty Helsinki is on the 1st day of emergency state!

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26 kommenttia:

  1. So glad that your granddaughter was able to return to Finland. You must be relieved that she's home. Best wishes to your grandson for his exams. I'm happy to hear that you and your husband are coping well in a difficult situation. Interesting photos of the countryside and flowers in your garden. Always cheering and beautifully photographed.

    1. I am really happy that Helmi is back home. Countries shut their borders and flights are cancelled already, and probably the situation gets even more difficult and uncertain. Good health to you Linda & Mr P!

  2. Dear Riitta,
    that's a hard time for all of us.
    Consolation and joy is currently given to us by nature with its awakening of spring.
    Take care of yourself and stay safe and sound
    warmly moni

    1. The uncertainty is overwhelming, I walk daily, it releaves the stress. Take care and stay well Moni 💛

  3. America is using the same strategies that you have cited. And like Finland there has not been nearly enough testing to catch the mild, but still contagious cases.

    South Korea saw the danger and got prepared. They started testing everyone who had even mild symptoms as of January 3rd. America has now had more deaths than South Korea although this virus arrived in their nation earlier. Yes, I am annoyed at about the incompetence of the Trump administration.

    Stay safe friend!


    1. The Covid-19 is on our media constantly and we get news worldwide. I saw president Trump's speech where he assured that more testing is to come. I am so disappointed that our health care tests only severe cases. The mild cases move around and spread the virus - because they don't know!!! We shall soon be in the same situation as Italy, Spain, Germany and France. The whole world shall be economically upsidedown with bankrupts etc. for a long time.

      Oh, what an ordeal! Stay safe Michelle!

  4. ...we are leaving tomorrow, I hope!

  5. Live is standing still, it’s different and it is hard too. No tourism, no income, and that for months. Over her I am sure the lockout will be go longer than the end of the months.

    So in our time it’s good to have another choice to communicate, like blogging. For me it will be my start into the day and that you for beeing here. I enjox every post and all the beautiful pics.

    Take care of yourself



    1. You are so right Nova. Our government has put these restrictions till 13 of April, but certainly they shall be renewed till some unknown future. Small companies in various sectors suffer inmensely about this. And the government is preparing massive support packages...

      This is a wonderful sunny day, the first day when there is scent or smell of spring in the air! I saw early swans flying over my garden on the blue & clear sky. So wonderful. There are many things to enjoy. Stay safe dear friend.

  6. Terveisiä sinne ja pysykää hyvissä voinneissa! Täällä ollaan myös sulkeuduttu neljän seinän sisään. Onneksi talo on iso ja pihalla riittää myös puuhasteltavaa. Metsä on lähellä ja sinne pääsee lenkille.

  7. You have beautiful countryside around you - your photos are great. I am in a similar situation in the UK, my husband is over 70 so we are self isolating too. I am glad of my camera and my love of crafting or else I would go mad! You are so lucky your granddaughter managed to get home safely. Stay safe.

  8. Oh dear, yes, the virus swept the streets empty!
    My husband and I, we also behave like you, I hope that the virus spares us.
    Dear Riitta, with us nature looks similar to you.
    Bare trees and more colorless than colorful.
    But that will change soon.
    Spring is unstoppable.
    Thank you very much for becoming part of "Nature Thursday" again!
    ♥ Kind regards and stay healthy

  9. The are really difficult times. But at least I'm happy to be back on your blog. The photos are wonderful. Landscape in this time of the year create a special atmosphere. At the moment I must stay at home because I belong to those who must be very careful. But I enjoy following all my interests. So let's hope that the crisis will end soon.
    Stay safe!

  10. Deine Frühlingsbilder tun gut in dieser Zeit. Wir halten esauch so wie Ihr, bleiben zu hause und gehen mit Abstand, wenn nötig raus zum Einkaufen. Wer weiss schon was kommt?
    Liebe Grüsse und bleibe gesund, herzlichst Klärchen

  11. Es ist jetzt einfach nötig, dass wir alle die Vorsichtsmassnahmen sehr Ernst nehmen und uns auch daran halten müssen. Die schönen Bilder sind eine Wohltat und zeigen eine schöne Natur.
    L G Pia

  12. Best wishes for your continued good health Riitta. . Have been in contact with our grandson and his wife, so knew of what was happening in Finland. (they are both working from home). Here in Florida, there are closures and advisories and early grocery shopping times for older people (like us). We are not under orders to shelter in place, but are asked to stay away from people. So we can still walk, but many of the parks we enjoy are closed.

  13. leider ist die situation für mich und meinen mann ähnlich und fast jegliche soziale kontakte sind eingefroren, was längerfristig sehr schlimm ist. nicht mal unsere tochter können wir sehen. sie lebt in berlin, wo sehr, sehr viele infiziert sind und noch mehr sich unmöglich verhalten, weiter zusammen feiern und enge kontakte haben, auch in u- und s-bahn. wir sind jetzt viel in der natur unterwegs. diese spaziergänge helfen uns und die erwachende natur jetzt im frühling tut es auch.
    viele liebe grüße und bleibt gesund!!

  14. ihania kuvia ja kauniita kukkia

  15. Por España los contagiados van en aumento día a día, esperemos que pase pronto. Muchos besos y salud.

  16. Hyvä, että Helmi pääsi kotiin!

    Sosiaaliset kontaktit ovat todella nollassa tällä hetkellä, Lainakoiraakaan ei ole enää :(

  17. Here in Canada we are under the same sort of restrictions. My husband works in health care administration so he is still going to work. Teachers have been instructed that we will begin online classes after our spring break, which ends in another week, so I will be busy at home. For now I'm enjoying the warm spring weather we are currently having and have been working in the garden. Stay well.


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