30 maaliskuuta 2020

Confusing March

This March we have wittnessed the whole world gradually shutting down before
a common pandemic and the number of victims exploding. Without going into details 
the Finnish government has taken similar drastic & extreme measures as governments elsewhere. 
Most of the Covid-19 cases are in my home province Uusimaa and traffic in and out 
has strongly been limited. The state of emergency shall most probably be extended today.
Elderly & risk groups are asked to stay at home - but walking in the nature is still allowed!

Before the closure of museums & theatres  I visited Art Museum Sinkka at Kerava and
National Theatre in Helsinki where I saw a classic tragicomedy called Gabriel. 
I took you also to Luxury treasures of Sinebrychoff Home Museum.

Now that you may have more time to read, I would love to recommend you Patria 
by Fernando Aramburu - a thick book of over 600 pages but so well written! Aramburu was born 
in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain - so he knows his theme. Patria tells about the terrorism 
of ETA and how ETA broke the warm friendship between two families and split a small village 
in two opposite fronts.  Translated as Homeland available at Amazon. 
 Five star reading experience for me ❤︎

What may April bring? 
I wish you and your family health & hope, sun & green sprouting spring.
Did you know that  Flowers Can Dance?

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23 kommenttia:

  1. What a beautiful video...the flower dance with the music underneath....love it and a really good idea for a song^^

    Oh yes, what may he bring. I am sure at my place an extension of the shutdown till the end, even if the infection rates start to drop (on my island). But better this way than going up again.

    We all have to look forward and never try to stick the head into the sand.

    Wishing you a good start into the new week I am sending greetings over to you.

    Take care and stay healthy


  2. We didn't know what April brings - let us see and hope, it's become better times.

    ...yes, keep in touch in Corona time. Its the one and only way we have yet...

    Stay healthy!

    Happy MosaicMonday

  3. Good morning Riitta,
    thank you for wonderful collages and such a lovely video!
    MArch was really extremly hard, and I guess, April will be the same, befor we can think about coming back slowly to normal life ...
    Take care and stay healthy, dear friend!
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  4. What a wonderful video! This spring will be crazy and it's a surprise what comes next...
    Stay safe and healthy

  5. Niin suloiset kuvat ja ihanaa alkavaan kevään tunnelmaa! Leppoisaa alkanutta viikkoa ja maaliskuun loppua♥

  6. Your edit with real and chocolate bunnies is lovely!
    Nice music too...
    All the best to you too for the next month!

  7. Your collages are beautiful!...stay safe

  8. Hello, wonderful images from the museums. The chocolate and bunnies mosaic is adorable.
    Take care, stay well! Wishing you a great new week!

  9. March has been confusing on so many levels, but you have brightened my day with beaututiful collages and the video. It alone brought peace and comfort!! Thank you stay well and have a g rand week.

  10. ...dancing flower, this is just what I need today Riitta, thanks! I hope that your leader is better fit for the job than ours, take good care and stay healthy.

  11. Beautiful collages, photo edit with the rabbits and chocolate and sweet dancing flowers. You went to some wonderful exhibitions and a theatre production before the restrictions came into force. All the best as we move into a new month with more challenges to face. Take care and stay well.

  12. Kaunis kollaasi ja hauska editointi.
    Videon tuuli näyttää lempeältä toisin kuin ulkona puhalteleva.

  13. Kauniit kollaasit kumpusivat kummallisesta kuukaudesta! Päivä kerrallaan eteenpäin!

  14. We are still allowed to get out to walk even though there is a "Stay at Home" order in place. We usually walk the streets around the condo where we are staying, but once in a while we drive to an uncrowded park for a change of pace. - Margy

  15. Flowers can dance...how delightful. Most of our walking paths are closed now but we know of a couple to get out on. They don't have anyone else walking on them either so they are safe. Love your photos. Stay healthy and safe my friend!

  16. Riitta - won't it be an absolute joy to go to a museum, or to the theatre. All these things that we (perhaps) took for granted … Thanks for taking the time to link to Mosaic Monday - your collages and the dancing flower video remind us that Nature continues, and there is hope! Stay well, my friend!

  17. Self-isolated here in Toronto, too. It has been extended to April 15. Everything non-essential is closed since early March.
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I found it at our e-library and added it to my wish list.

  18. I love the bunnies and dancing flowers! Stay safe.

  19. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/03/from-archives.html

  20. ihania kuvia ja upea video! Hyvää pääsiäistä


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