20 syyskuuta 2018

Whispers from the Almond Valley

"I am Susanna, a child of The Sun, a florist and a decorator who sees beauty in each tiny thing.
The roots of my poetry lie in the heart of Cosmos - and I wish also others to see 
the aesthetics that makes my soul to bloom.”

Susanna is a Finnish born blog friend of mine who lives and works in Spain. She publishes short poems and adorable & romantic photos in her blog A Whisper from the Almond Valley In her poems you find the gratefulness in front of The Life’s miracles and beauty; gratefulness for each new day and the beloved ones. I wish you’ll enjoy the verses and beautiful photos. At least in Finland this kind of positive thoughts are so welcome now in the dark evenings of the autumn. Poetry is difficult to translate but I did my best.

I sense how The Moon rises today out of you,
the love of my life.

I breathe the sound of your heart and
explore each of your perfect traits.

Your twinkling sapphire eyes,
the softness of your skin sand
your sweet scent.

let this moment go on for a little eternity
to give me time to frame the most beautiful memories
to my heart’s gallery.

The Moon beams are dancing
on the rim of the wine glass,
the last waltz of the misty night
ringing in my ears and
the moonlight party remains
in my album of memories.

The dew pearls of Aurora
are gathering strength and rising
on the cheek of Hibiscus
to wait for a new day tasting of life.

The next morning will wake up
the newborn Life
to party again!

In the twilight it is wonderful
to set the table!
Warm summer evening cherishes you,
the gentle swaying wind brings sounds 
of the the sea and a seagull  already cries
in the night's darkness.

I light candles and enjoy
from this moment of my life!

When the sun climbs to the highest
point of the skyline and
swallows dodge a couple of funny cloudlets
in the heavenly blue sky,
it is time to sit in the shadow of the palm tree.

The blush of cherry blossoms,
the delicate touch of flowers on my skin and
the scent of apricot in the vacillating air.

How can summer days always be like this,
this beautiful?

I write it in the memory,
in the cherry stone,
in the heart of an apricot ...

... I love summer

It must be magic,
the love of Cosmos in the winds of the world.

The moment when cicadas start playing
in the shadows of the cypresses 
and the moon is already peeking 
from the fog of the horizon,
then I’ll set a dinner table on an old wood
and I light the candles
in the embrace of the wind.

In my glass a scent of oak and wine,
the herbal flavor of olives
on my lips.

I just sit and feel
how the night will arrive soon.
I lift a toast to
the love of my life.

I love you,

Throw yourself into the stardust and
breathe the sound of your heart.

Feel the beams of the sun
on your smooth cheeks and
tickle your dreams with your hair.

Let the words patter the paper,
your pearl necklace strew your feelings and
look at the doves dancing in 
the cloudless sky.

In a letter sealed with kisses
hides a mystery.

Send it that evening to the stars and
someone will find it for sure!

The key to life in my hand
I walk in the moonlight
into a misty dream,
only the swish of the wings of a moth
keeping me company.

I look at the stars,
touch The Moon,
awaiting the infinity of the Milky Way.

are you there,
do you hear me today?

I squeeze the key in my hand,
it's pure gold.

With trembling hands I reach out to 
to the golden lock.

Light dazzles,
the beauty of The World cascades
around me.

now I found you!

And I love the new day
more than I loved yesterday.

be my friend and fly my kiss
to the world’s soul.

throw your stardust on my flowers and embrace me
as you did for the first time.

lay down your beams on my shoulders and tickle
my cheek tenderly.

be with me until the moon takes me
by the hand and guides me
via its bridge over the infinity of ocean.

Thank you Cosmos,
that I can live with you every moment!

The wind whispers beautiful words,
wisdoms of life.

Let go of the past concerns,
see how they fly to infinity and
Hold your heart in your hands as if
it were the most precious jewel and put it
gently in its place.

Let the sun blow on it
the energy of Life and let stars dance
with you until the morning.

When you turn a new page in your book tomorrow,
you can write these words on a clean page:

The Spring of my life is now!

The world is full of secrets,
surprises and love.

Look for the most beautiful ones and close them
between the covers,
in the album of your happiness.
Write in your most beautiful handwriting:

Thank you Life!

19 kommenttia:

  1. Hello Dear Riitta!

    Beautiful poems and great photos.
    I am delighted.
    Happy weekend:)

  2. Liebe Riitta,
    das wunderbare Gedicht in Begleitung von so vielen schönen Bildern macht mich nachdenklich und bringt mich zur Ruhe. Danke.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. As fotografias que ilustram os poemas são fantásticas.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  4. Thank you so much Riitta!
    I love your translations of my poems.


  5. Wie wunderschoen, liebe Riitta. Deine Fotos sind bezaubernd... LG

  6. Lovely shot . Keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful poem and the beautiful pictures!
    Have a happy Weekend, dear Riitta!
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  8. Thanks for sharing these lovely poems and moments.
    Nice shots on Susanna's blog...
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful and nice captured photos, Susanne.

  10. Thank you for sharing Susanna's beautiful images and words. I'm following her now.

    1. I’m glad you liked. Susanna’s blog is really worth of following. Everybody needs beauty to the every day life!

  11. Anonyymi24 syyskuuta

    Oh Riitta, this is a beautiful post. The images and poems are the perfect start to the fall season post. And thank you for introducing us to a new blogger. Have a great day!

  12. Beautiful words and photos.

  13. Dear Riitta, this is such a beautiful post, it was a delight to read at the beginning of my day. Thank you for translating Susanna's poem for us all to enjoy today.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  14. Greating to Susanna - there are wonderful poems!

    It’s a pleasure again to visit each.... happy Mosaic Monday

    Heidrun xxx

  15. beautiful poetry and images. Thank you so much. Have a lovely week. I think I see Australi's beautiful wattle in that last image.

  16. Wow - I so admire someone that can write such deeply sentimental and visual verses. I felt her feelings, felt like I was there. And the pictures were the perfect companion. And now I am going to light some candles and spread some rose petals around the room!


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