14 syyskuuta 2018

Me as a Gardener - Minä puutarhurina

I found this fun questionnaire for garden lovers at the blog Red Clover, this and that.
The challenge was originally released by Flower & Cabbage.
I marked my choices with bold.
Would be lovely to see your answers as well!


  1. I draw plans on paper and archive them. It is a good way to check the varieties’ names later on.
  2. I enjoy garden planning so much that when it comes time to execute the plan, I make a new plan on the fly! 
  3. I always make a new plan when I find a gorgeous plant that insists to come with me to my garden. 
  4. I only design large lines. I plant here and there. 
  5. Garden planning - what a terrible word.
Usually I have to plant where there is a tiny empty space.
My borders are fully planted and I seldom buy new plants.

  1. I have a zero budget.
  2. A smart gardener makes a shopping list and sticks to it.
  3. I buy plants very moderately, but I have a small delivery van, in fact too small for all my purchased plants. 
  4. I tend to rescue plants from the fall sales. It would be such a pity to leave them standing as orphans on the shelves.
  5. I just must have all the novelties and specialities whatever the price.

  1. Everything must be in order. I also keep my stockings alphabetically ordered. 
  2. A place for everything, all in their place - at least roughly. I don’t care too much. 
  3. I always put the tools in place, but someone else leaves them scattered around. 
  4. At my shed door reads: ”No access”. If someone entered, she would be terrified. Maybe a case for Marie Kondo here? 
  5. Who the hell has invented such a crazy idea that things should have their specific storage places? I’m sure that my manure fork appears by the next spring - around the new border or when emptying the compost.
And the culprit is - the husband!

  1. I would lose my night’s sleep if the carrots were threatened by bugs and pests.
  2. Wait, I’ll show you at Instagram when I won the title of The Most Successful Pumpkin Breeder of the town last summer.
  3. I sow, water, weed and fertilize carefully and enjoy a good harvest. My cellar resembles that of The Hamster in the novel of Veikko Huovinen.
  4. I almost can’t eat the tomatoes I raised because their price - if calculated all the effort - would be per kilogram as high as that of the best beef fillet.
  5. I choose the cultivated pea varieties based on their flower color.
None. I have only a small herb garden, no vegetables at all.
Plums, cherries and apples grow on their own - this suits me.

  1. Weeding is meditation for me. I enjoy every single moment.
  2. I weed and cry.
  3. Well, weeding is simply a garden job among others. 
    Nothing to whinge when the birds are singing and the summer wind is blowing.
  4. I start to weed when thistles begin to block access to my home.
  5. Why should I weed?

  1. Hammock is my thing.
  2. There is always something to do, but gardening is not my whole life.
  3. First work, then amusement in the garden. I don’t have time to cook or to wash the laundry. 
  4. In the garden, from the garden, to the garden... That’s how it goes!
  5. Oh! Don’t these questions ever run out? I should already be out there weeding
I love to be outdoors from morning till night, doing a bit of this, a bit of that.

  1. Quite basic
  2. Always cool
  3. Starting always megalomaniac plans 
  4. A joyful hassle
  5. Full chaos
Year by year my garden gets wilder and wilder.

  1. I like traditions. Please, come and look at the dahlia  that I herited from my grandaunt. And look at these Papaver seeds ... Oh, and these Phlox ...
  2. Every plant will do. Each plant is beautiful in its own way.
  3. I'm pretty selective. Colors. Spreading. Hardiness. Effortlessness. According to these criteria.
  4. I just came back from Japan, where I went to get ideas on the design of my balcony / townhouse / garden.
  5. As modern as possible, thank you!
I have many traditional perennials because the are just that - hardy and effortless.
As to colors I am selective  (yellow is not my favourite)
and say no, no to those who spread too much.


  1. I keep a weather diary and measure the amount of rain. Do you want me to show you my Excel chart?
  2. It’s terrible with this constant rain / sunshine! You can’t do anything in this rain / in this heat / in this whatever weather...
  3. Well, for today it has been forecast 18 C, light north-east wind. It should rain from 2 to 3 pm. One drop is promised, in the evening no rain. Going to be a pretty warm night...
  4. A question of attitude.
  5. If I could choose there would be sun all the time, but not too much. Gentle rain during the night time to fill the plants’ needs.
Well, you have to settle for any weather, but extreme weather conditions do irritate.

  1. It is wonderful that winter exists. I would not have the stamina to crawl on all four in the garden all year round.
  2. I love Finland's four seasons.
  3. During the winter, I feel anguished while there is no garden work.
  4. I can’t live without garden work. That's why I have another garden in Spain / China / somewhere. I fly there every fall as soon as I can’t dig bulbs in the ground even with iron bar.

26 kommenttia:

  1. What a fun survey. I'm a little like you - no big plans in the garden, just fitting in plants where I can. But I do grow vegetables, too. And I'm afraid my potting bench is rather untidy. My husband is better at putting tools away.

    1. Too much planning kills the fun and creativity :)

  2. Hi Riitta,
    it was lovely to read this post from you as a gardener. I do not plan my garden too, it is just in the moment I am working in, to change things, to plant something new .... and I Love to get new plants from Swaps or swapped seeds!
    Wishing you a lovel weekend,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

    1. Seed swaps and plant swaps are great. Most of my plants have come that way. Love & hugs Claudia <3

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. Your garden is really wonderful...

    1. Thank you for visiting - have a great day!

  4. It was fun thinking myself as a gardener. Thank you Riitta:)
    Plan: Garden planning - what a terrible word.
    Shopping:I have a zero budget.
    Tools: A place for everything, all in their place
    Vegetables: I sow, water, weed and fertilize carefully and enjoy a good harvest. My stores are resembles that of The Hamster in the novel of Veikko Huovinen
    Weeding: Weeding is simply a garden job among others.
    Garden work: There is always something to do, but gardening is not my whole life.
    Garden style: A joyful hassle
    Choice of plants: Every plant will do. If I don't like it I'll weed it off later
    Weather and me: A question of attitude
    The seasons and me: I love Finland's four seasons

    1. So fun to read your answers Kirsti :) I practically have a zero - or very modest - budget too. The money goes to seeds, additional soil and fertilises that are terribly expensive. Wishing you a relaxed weekend!

  5. Upeita kuvia ja kiva lukea myös sinun puutarhailuistasi! Muutit myös sinun omaa haastettasi,ehkä siihen voin myös joskus osallistua, kukkia minulla ei ollut niinkään esitellä, mutta muukin nyt siis käy.Mukavaa viikonloppua!

  6. I think you get quite good results with your gardening! This is what counts...and your own satisfaction.
    Thanks for opening Friday Bliss...of course I will link up.
    Happy weekend!

  7. Keep commenting in my blog because I love your comments.

  8. Fico sempre encantado de ver as fotografias do seu belo jardim.
    Um abraço e bom fim-de-semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  9. No garden planning for me. I just enjoy planting and try to make space for whatever I wanted to plant. There is no fix rules. I plant and weed whenever I have the time. Beautiful photos of your garden!

  10. What a comprehensive gardening questionnaire! Your answers are very interesting with lots of beautiful images of your garden throughout the seasons. A lovely blog post! Our small UK garden needed a lot of attention when we moved in. We kept the surrounding hedge which creates shelter, kept a couple of borders and lawn then reconstructed a seating area and veggie plot. The style is mainly cottage garden with some Mediterranean touches to reflect our English/Italian backgrounds! Thanks for the new linkup Riitta. Wishing you a relaxing weekend.

  11. Tengo que empezar a podar el jardín, ahora tengo mucho trabajo retrasado. Me ha encantado tu jardín. Besitos.

  12. Liebe Riitta,
    das ist ein interessanter Post, gefüllt mit wunderschönen Bildern aus deinem Garten. Gärtnern ist ein Hobby, das Wichtigste daran ist, meiner Meinung nach, viel Spaß daran zu haben: Ob mit einem Plan, ob mit viel Spontanität, ob mit viel Geld oder auch mit wenig. Ich bin glücklich einen Garten zu haben. Dort kann ich mich entspannen und brauche keine Sorgen zu machen, wenn ich mal einen Fehler mache. So lerne ich immer was neues.
    Ein entspanntes und wunderschönes Wochenende!

    1. Thank you all my dear blog friends for your comments 💕

  13. I so enjoyed this post and wish I had your Floral Passion! Reading your answers made me smile and your stunning photo mosaics show us how beautiful your garden is, your hard work has it's reward indeed. Thanks for getting Mosaic Monday off to such a wonderful start.

    1. So glad you enjoyed Maggie! The credit goes to the person who wrote these fun questions! Happy coming week!

  14. Riitta, your garden is beautiful throughout the seasons. I like weeding -- it's the humidity I don't like! Fun post that I'm sure I'll come back and read several times.

  15. You have a lovely garden. Last year my carrots looked beautiful, but when you pulled one to eat the bottom was chewed off by some hungry underground critter. So annoying. - Margy

  16. Your gardens are exquisite! I'm inspired!

  17. What a wonderful packed house of garden joys. Thanks for today's share
    Happy Mosaic Monday

    much love...

  18. A wonderful post for Mosaic Monday! I enjoyed it.
    Wish you a very good week.

  19. Nice post and beautiful pics of the flowers.


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