12 heinäkuuta 2017

Reality Check

We normally show only the pretty sights of our garden.
That's why I loved Angies thoughts about insect & slug damages or other pitfalls.
Her post inspired me to show how sad my garden looked this morning after a night's pouring rain.

I support my plants against wind and rain, but it is quite impossible to support them all.

I have only a few slugs and I'm happy about it.
But there are some bugs that eat all my Alcea rosea 'Nigra' leaves.
They are like lace. I cannot show you the laced leaves for I cut them away :)
But in spite of the damaged leaves they all show buds!
That is  really a thing to be happy about! I have 10 plants, all grown by seed.

Still I did not have the courage to show you my ugliest spots:
 my replanting and tool areas and the huge amount of cut dry branches. Maybe another time!

Anyway, let's be happy - it's summer despite of the weather!

25 kommenttia:

  1. Rankkasateen jälkeen on aina tehtävä kukkakierros puutarhassa...miten kukat ovat kestäneet sateen piiskaamisen...aina yhtä 'pelottavaa'..
    Jokatapauksessa mukavaa keskiviikkoa <3

    1. Kävin tukemassa totaalisesti kaatuneet. Ei kaameita vahinkoja onneksi. Mukavaa keskiviikkoa.

  2. bonjour
    merci de ton petit mot
    j'ai réglé le problème de la traduction , il se situe à droite du blog " translate " sous le chat
    tout au début , toutes les langues y sont ,
    très jolies fleurs prises sous la pluie
    passe une agréable journée
    gros bisous

    1. Merci beaucoup <3
      I did understand what you said without the help of Google . Have a lovely day Edith!

  3. Tranquila, Riitta, que la Naturaleza es sabia, y ya verás como recompone tu bello jardín.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Sí, lo sé y tienes razón Manuel. Pero todo se veía muy triste por la mañana. Te espero feliz semana.

  4. It looks like my garden, it's raining (but we need it), windy and very cold. But I think the summer will come back :))
    Greetings from Germany and best wishes for our summer

  5. The same thing happens to my garden whenever it rains. Your plants and flowers are still beautiful even though they drooped after the rain. I too have ugly spots in my garden which I think we all do. Ha ha!

  6. Your photos are still beautiful Riitta. There is something I love about walking around the garden after heavy rain. Most things bounce back and will look better than ever. B x

  7. Tears on the flowers...
    We have rain too, but only today (and very urgent)
    Send you a little sunshine

  8. It looks the same here, Riitta! We have rain since midnight ... but, the garden will be happy!
    Have a lovely rest of the day,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  9. A great view, Riitta, a lovely perspective to me, to see and observe your garden after rain. I think that it is a magical perspective, like a delicate image of rainy nature... These fragile blossoms are so content'to be washed' and 'to feel refreshed' after a summer shower... **-**
    Well.. Summer is about wonder/admiration... spring was a delight through a colored impressionism....if I can say like this, so I must to remember this thought for a next post...lol...
    It is lovely in your yard after rain, no doubt!! Many thanks for sharing the beauty of summer!
    Best regards and a very nice day and week. Ps. I link my recent post to Passion Bliss; the red geraniums hope to fit well with the theme... And mea culpa for not having more floral aspects.:)

  10. Hier regnet es auch ziemlich viel und in meinem Garten sieht es aus, wie bei dir.
    Liebe Grüße

  11. Ach, liebe Riitta, wenn wir früher in Österreich Urlaub gemacht hatten, sagte man uns immer: KEIN PARADIES OHNE REGEN! Ja, die Blumen sehen nach dem starken Regen etwas mitgenommen aus. Aber ich glaube, dass sie sich wieder aufrichten werden. Und ich finde sie auch so schön, besonders das wunderschöne Blau der Campanula und die Paeonie. Alle Pflanzen sehen so frisch und gesund aus. Wir hatten eine lange Trockenzeit. Das war ganz schlimm für die Pflanzen. Im Moment regnet es und ich bin sooo froh darüber. Wochenlange Trockenheit ist viel schlimmer für die Pflanzen und den Garten. Da hilft auch kein Gießen, weil die Blätter verbrennen.
    Also, nicht traurig sein!
    Liebe Grüße sendet Edith

    1. Thank you all my dear friends for your lovely comments and sympathy <3

      No paradise without rain! Rain is better that no rain at all. This summer there has been no need to water the plants, it has saved me much time and effort.

      Wishing you all a lovely week.

  12. They all look wonderful with raindrops. Lots of rain and flooding around here but I don't have a garden anymore so no worries in that regard. I love the pale pink flower photo.

  13. Tus flores siguen siendo bonitas. Besos.

  14. The rain is so good for the gardens, but destructive to fragile stems! Still, everything looks lovely, even with the imperfections. The blue flowers with the raindrops are especially charming. xx Karen

  15. Your flowers are beautiful, even in the rain. And think how refreshed they will be! Every garden has its not-so-pretty parts.

  16. Your garden still looks gorgeous to me Riitta. Thank you so much for stopping by. It has been lovely coming to your blog again.

  17. The raindrops only add beauty, you know. Somehow you managed to make beautiful photos nonetheless!

  18. Dear Riitta,
    for me, your pictures are like "heaven". I am living in an almost non-blooming garden this year, because I lost so many roses and perennials to the voles. Although I am starting all over again and don't bring down by these munching mice, I am always a bit nostalgic, when I see so wonderful flowers like the ones on your pictures. Even dipped in raindrops and not that up-right as they should be, they look amazing to me.
    Have a wonderful day!


  19. sade saa aina kaikki lakoon. Kaunista joka tapauksessa!

  20. As flores são lindíssimas e as fotos perfeitas.


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