06 heinäkuuta 2017

Nocturne & Heavenly Blue

Today we are celebrating in Finland summer and the poet Eino Leino (1878-1926).
His poem Nocturne is iconic.
Today it's freezing cold and in the evening I'm about to take part in
Before leaving I have to search for my winter jacket!

The corncrake's song rings in my ears,
above the rye a full moon sails;
this summer night all sorrow clears
and woodsmoke drifts along the dales,
I do not laugh or grieve, or sigh;
the forest's darkness breathes nearby,
the red of clouds where day sinks deep,
the blue of windy hills asleep,
the twinflower's scent, the water's shade- 
of these my heart's own song is made.

You, girl as sweet as summer hay,
my heart's great peace, I sing to you,
O my devotion, tune and play
a wreath of oak twigs, green and new.
I have stopped chasing Jack-o'-Lantern,
I hold gold from the Demon's mountain;
around me life tightens its ring,
time stops, the vane has ceased to swing;
the road before me through the gloom
is leading to the unknown room.

Translated by Keith Bosley 


Ruislinnun laulu korvissani,
tähkäpäiden päällä täysi kuu;
kesä-yön on onni omanani,
kaskisavuun laaksot verhouu.
En ma iloitse, en sure, huokaa;
mutta metsän tummuus mulle tuokaa,
puunto pilven, johon päivä hukkuu,
siinto vaaran tuulisen, mi nukkuu,
tuoksut vanamon ja varjot veen;
niistä sydämeni laulun teen.

Sulle laulan neiti, kesäheinä,
sydämeni suuri hiljaisuus,
uskontoni, soipa säveleinä,
tammenlehvä-seppel vehryt, uus.
En ma enää aja virvatulta,
onpa kädessäni onnen kulta;
pienentyy mun ympär’ elon piiri;
aika seisoo, nukkuu tuuliviiri;
edessäni hämäräinen tie
tuntemattomahan tupaan vie.

One of my garden happinesses this week has definitely been Meconopsis betonicifolia.
Its blue color is quite unique, no bloom can be compared to its heavenly blue.
At first I saw only two buds but it seems it blooms with ten!
They don't bloom at the same time, this morning there were four open.

She is a very shy beauty looking downwards making photographing challenging.
I have had this one & only plant for many years. It survives but does not spread.
It is in my long boarder surrounded with other plants. Habitus is not striking but the color oh yes!

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I hope you have it warmer!

18 kommenttia:

  1. Such so wonderful blue!!.. heavenly, indeed...and so beautiful edited by you in pictures above! I love the way those petals can look in light and how the yellow corollas are... It must be a true delight to have them in garden in full bloom!
    A very lovely day and great time at the poetry walking!

  2. Hi Riitta,
    this is such a great colour! I never have seen such a blue flower before!
    Thank you for showing and thank you for this wonderful poem!
    Happy day to you,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  3. Die Fotos sind ein Traum, liebe Riitta! Ja, dieser Mohn ist sehr speziell und wächst nicht überall. Zehn Blüten sind schon ein Geschenk. Am besten gefällt mir das vorletzte Foto. Die Farbe der Blüte ist mit keiner anderen Blume zu vergleichen. Mach bitte noch ganz viele Fotos.
    Einen schönen Tag wünscht Edith

  4. I seldom get to see blue flowers and these are beautiful.

  5. Wow, this meconopsis, your photos are breathtaking.
    Have a delightful poetry walk.
    Send you warm sunshine

  6. Ach, sehen die blauen Blüten toll aus.

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥
    Herzlich grüßt

  7. Hello Rita!:) I don't know this lovely blue flower, but it is GORGEOUS, and I love all your beautiful images. Enjoy your walk tonight!:)

  8. Muy linda poesía lo mismo que esa flor azul. Besitos.

  9. Hi Riitta,
    what a wonderful color of this flower. Stunning photos and impressions too.
    Have a great weekend, Riitta.
    Best, Synnöve

  10. Good morning Riitta.
    Your pictures are beautiful and perfect and your lone Himalayan blue poppy is wonderful.
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us.
    Good weekend.


  11. Dear Riitta,
    this plant is a beauty. The blue color cannot be overlooked. I didn't know this plant yet. I will have a look for Meconopsis betonicifolia.
    Have a nice day

  12. Such incredible blue beauty Riitta! She is indeed a wondrous bloom which almost a transparency to the petals.
    I enjoyed reading the poem too. A lovely post :D)

  13. That is gorgeous!
    Hope you'll come share at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/07/splish-splash.html

  14. incroyable cette couleur bleu
    je viens de me bercer avec les fleurs et les poèmes
    très très sympathique

  15. "heavenly" so true. Love the flower, the colors and youe edits :)

    1. Thank you all for visiting & commenting ❤︎

  16. Voi miten kaunis kukka ja fantastiset kuvat. Kukka on kuin silkkpaperia:)

  17. Such a beautiful blue!


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