23 marraskuuta 2016

Maa makaa martaana - Dead Month?

In many languages the English word November is of the same origin:
der November (German), november (Swedish), noviembre (Spanish), novembre (French). 
But we here in Finland want to be eccentric and a bit archaic saying - marraskuu!

We use the very ancient word marras which means dead or a mortal being.
The word comes from Latin mors and French mort.
Kuu means month... November so being a DEAD MONTH :)

We say that Maa on martaana or Maa makaa martona
- meaning that the soil / ground / nature is or is lying dead.

Our saying is so right! This is how the scenery looked by the river where I often walk.

But I found this handsome Christmas tree!
Would love to have such in my garden.

Wednesday Around the World

All you in the Northern Hemisphere - have a nice week despite of this 'dead' season!
My greetings to also you lucky ones who have sun & warmth & summer!

12 kommenttia:

  1. Oikeastaan maa ei makaa kuolleena; luonto, maa ja puutarha on talviunilla, levolla, keräämässä voimia uuteen kasvukauteen! Ihanan lempeät marraskuiset kuvat :D Tuollaisen joulukuusen haluaisin myös pihaani.

    1. Huilaamassahan se maa toki on :) Halusin vain hiukan kärjistää tätä meidän arkaaista kieltä Kustaa Vilkunan Vuotuisen ajantiedon tiedoin :)
      Ei ole kaunista kuusta puutarhassa, vain yksi räystäitä hipova valtava Brabant - kyllä se kuusesta käy :)

  2. After the gales of the last few days our scenery is turning much more bleak. Leaves are fast disappearing. It's lovely to see your countryside Riitta. B x

    1. Thank you Barbara - it was raining when I had my morning walk, not inspiring but have to!

  3. O nevoeiro dá um ar misterioso a estas belas fotografias.
    Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.

    1. Me alegra tu comentario Francisco. Sí, tuvo mucha niebla y hoy hace lo mismo :)

  4. Hello Riitta!
    Beautiful, autumn landscapes.
    I am delighted with your excellent photos.
    Have a nice day.
    Kisses and greetings.

  5. Beautiful November scene, thanks for sharing Riitta!

  6. no, not dead, resting and transforming :) Still there is beauty :)

  7. How interesting definitions of november. In here, the month of november is named "noiembrie". Your lovely pictures are captured so well to describe the cold and no leaves in the trees. Have a nice Sunday!

    1. @ Lucia
      @ Kirsty
      @ NatureFootstep
      @ Alexa - Thank you all for your comments ❤︎

  8. I never thought about it, but November is kind of a dead month. The wonderful sun laden, cheerful days of Summer are gone, the colorful leaves of Fall, and then November here is the in between month of those and before the beautiful white colors the earth. :) Even so, your photos are still very pretty.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles


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