13 marraskuuta 2016

Strange - Outoa

An apple blossom petal landed on iris...

This week's topic is STRANGE, chosen by Ros.
I'll start with 2 strange / odd photos.

The light disappeared from the background somehow...

I find such people STRANGE who practise vandalism or leave garbage in the nature.
These were found in the middle of the forest!

Broken ceramic tiles...

Would YOU like to have a bath here?

The next Sunday's topic is WORN.
You are most welcome to join!

4 kommenttia:

  1. I wondered how those garbage found their way into the middle of the forest. How nice if everyone of us take the responsibility to keep our nature free from garbage. The world will be a more cleaner and more beautiful place. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We often had baths in the middle of fields for cattle to drink from, but yours is in a very strange place. But then people are strange too. Hope you have a good Sunday. B X

  3. aikamoinen kylpypaikka:)

  4. Hello Riitta... Great photos for the prompt! Yes we have idiots that dump things where they shouldn't too ... It gets me so mad! Enjoy your week!


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