15 heinäkuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #200 - Kalle’s Birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated grandson Kalle’s 18th birthday having a lunch at restaurant
La Famiglia.  Sadly two families were missing at the party - the other on vacation,
the other sick. In the photo my husband’s eldest daughter Sanna and her children Kalle and Noora, 
the future mother. The baby is due in November ❤︎

I have a bit shorter haircut this summer. In the lower part DH’s daughter Milla
with her husband Timo, chef by profession and he used to work at this restaurant for four years.

I bought this white Phalaenopsis for Christmas and now it is blooming again ❤︎
It is very beautiful on the kitchen window sill and fortunately the kittens let it be. 
Anyhow it is not poisonous.

I read or listen to audiobooks every night. The audiobook offer of the summer are either 
romantic novels or detective stories. I prefer the latter. I warmly recommend the thrillers of 
Alice Feeney - they are thrilling, excellent English and readers are outstanding.
Hildur by Finnish Satu Rämö took me to exotic Iceland. Satu is married to an Icelandic guy 
and lives at the moment in Northern Iceland. Earlier Satu has written many non fiction books 
about Iceland. Then I found Spanish María Oruña’s detective stories and am now
listening to the first one.

Wishing you wonderful & sunny July days!

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23 kommenttia:

  1. Hello Riita,
    she had a great birthday and a lot of joy, you can see that in the pictures.
    But your orchid is pretty, I have no luck with it. My sister rather, she's also an orchid fan.
    All the best and a nice weekend wishes Eva

  2. The birthday girl is beautiful and so are all the members of her family! What a nice get together to celebrate the bit occasion. Your white flower is lovely (I can say it, but can't spell it .>) ! Thank you for the reminder about Alice Feeney. I've read a couple of her books and liked them, but I see there are quite a few I didn't know about ! I too enjoy detective stories and this summer I am reading an excellent series by Donna Leon about police detective Brunetti. I also enjoy place-centered novels and this series, set in Venice, is excellent in that respect as well!

  3. Looks like a wonderful lunch and gathering to celebrate Kalle's 18th birthday. Gorgeous white Phalaenopsis flowers. Have a beautiful weekend.

  4. Congrats belatedly to Kalle, unknown. Has him certainly pleased with the "meeting", right.

    Really a nice family meeting, even if of course a pity that the whole family could come together. I like the place, really quaint. You will celebrate then certainly in November when the baby is coming.

    Beautiful your ochid and I'm happy for you that it blooms again.

    Wishing you a pretty weekend I am sending greetings and hugs to you


    btw: I like the shorter haircut, it suits you

  5. Sorry people missed the lunch. Glad you got to go though. Is very much the new normal! Ilove your orchid! How clever you are to get it to flower again! They are tricky plants.

  6. I think it was a really wonderful birthday party for your grandson with family and friends in a nice restaurant. The Orchid is so beautiful

  7. Guten Morgen liebe Riitta!

    Uih, schon 18 Jahre...mein ältester Enkel ist erst 8 Jahre alt. :-)

    Schön, dass ihr feiern konntet!

    Deine Orchidee ist ein Traum in weiß. Ich habe kürzlich zum Hochzeitstag eine in rosa bekommen.

    Liebe Grüße


  8. Dear Riitta, I am very happy for you that you had this family reunion with good food. Your haircut looks great on you! It's a pity that not all family members could be there - I hope those who were ill are now on the mend again. Congratulations to Kalle on his 18th birthday - what an exciting age!!!
    Your white Phalaenopsis is a magnificent specimen. (Unfortunately, I never managed to get mine to bloom again the next year...)
    Have a nice weekend!
    All the best and Moi-Moi,
    PS: You actually listen to these audio books in English and Spanish? My compliment! (But it's probably good practice!) - Wie viele Sprachen sprichst du???

  9. Onnittelut 18-vuotiaalle!

  10. Looks like a fun birthday. Absolutely lovely orchids!

  11. What a lovely birthday dinner. Your haircut looks great.
    Love the orchid. You definitely have an emerald thumb.

  12. what a beautiful family... and it's fun for me to see an Italian restaurant in another country. I admit I love family pictures and yours are so good. Orchids are gorgeous....

  13. So schnell sind die Kinder Erwachsen und bald bekommt ihr ja Nachwuchs, dann gibt es sicher wieder eine Feier. Mit Orchideen habe ich kein Glück, die sind zu Eigenwillig.
    L G Pia

  14. Best wishes to your family!

  15. ...they grow up right before our eyes.

  16. Short hair looks good on you! Am admiring these stunning white orchids! Celebrating a birthday is always fun! Emille

  17. Happy birthday to Kalle. Love the Phalaenopsis.

  18. das ist eine ganz wunderbare orchidee! ich habe nicht die geduld für diese schönen exotischen pflanzen. bei mir haben sie immer nur einmal geblüht. gut, dass solche geburtstagsfeiern wieder möglich sind! kalle wird sich sicher sehr darüber gefreut haben! herzlichen glückwunsch an ihn. 18 ist ein tolles alter!
    liebe grüße

  19. Beautiful and dear family! Lovely pictures.
    Love from Titti

  20. Liebe Riitta,
    die Zeit rennt. Ich habe manchmal das Gefühl, ich habe gar nicht gemerkt, wie schnell meine Kinder erwachsen geworden sind. Im Rückblick sind 20 Jahre gar nichts.
    Ich wünsche dem Geburtstagskind und auch dem Nachwuchs alles Gut.
    Und Dir noch einen wunderschönen Sonntag.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  21. Dear Riitta!
    A wonderful sight, a family celebrating together. Happy birthday to Kalle. Your hairstyle is great.
    Hugs and greetings.

  22. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your orchids are absolutely beautiful!

  23. Parece que pasaste un gran día con la familia. Besos.


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