12 heinäkuuta 2022

Behind the Scenes in Finnish National Theatre

The topic of Makrotex this week is BEHIND THE SCENES. 
I revert to a post of March 2020 (just before the covid outbreak) when I visited 
Finnish National Theatre. We were a small group who toured the backgrounds of 
all the four scenes and heard about the upcoming renovation project. 
The tour was interesting, because usually you concentrate in the upcoming performance 
and don't give a thought to things behind the scenes - how lights and scenes change, 
who builds and organizes in the background. 

Finnish National Theatre is an impressive granite building, completed in 1902.

The Main Stage has nearly 700 seats. This fabulous ceiling fresco was painted by 
Yrjö Ollila (1887-1932) and his team. It is called Thalia’s Mirror and represents 
many of the theatre’s actors and actresses.

Behind the curtain there was a rattling-looking rope battery, which is manually pulled 
to raise and lower the prop fabrics. The spaces were full of stuff, wires, and certainly also dust, 
not suitable for an asthmatic at all. The actors had to change their outfits in shockingly 
small corners - but everything seemed to work great and the stage assistants keep an eye on everything. 

Our group in the labyrinthine and messy narrow gangways and stairs was well guided by 
stage assistant Tuomas Wellamo, the mustached gentleman in the picture. 


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7 kommenttia:

  1. How fascinating to see all the secrets that go on behind the scenes - and what a handsome and impressive building the theatre is. A fabulous choice for this weeks theme!

  2. A very interesting museum indeed. 👍

  3. I would love to have such looks behind the scenes. Always very interesting and thanks for sharing again. Just beautiful and the building is just fantastic.

    Greetings and hugs over to you


  4. Impressive building, both on the outside and inside. Thanks to those working behind the scene. Without them, the show will not be able to go on smoothly.

  5. El edificio se ve precioso, me gustó mucho. Besos.


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