08 heinäkuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #199 - Bloomers of the Week

Hello dear blog friends,
Sorry for visiting your last week’s links so late. The reason is that I have been busy with 
many summer & garden projects, visitors & gettogethers. I’ll try to be more prompt this week. 
It has been hot and very dry, watering necessary every evening.
But now that my husband bought himself a new TOY - i.e. a good sprinkler,
he has taken the responsibility of watering - and that is great.
Have you noticed that men always need new toys in order to get
enthusiastic at any household jobs? That is the case at least in my family.
Yesterday we got a bit of rain and I felt blessed. So funny that one can rejoice of rain!
In the garden pink & white theme continues. First two unknown peony varieties.

Spiraea japonica ’Odensala’ blooms in fluffy pink.
This shrub spreads eagerly and out of 2-3 shrubs I have got tens of them.

Clematis recta ’Atropurpurea’ looked fantastic this year!
It grows shrub-like and needs a support, preferably some shrub. 
Here it covers a structure of rebar network.
But then came a disaster in form of a strong wind and many of the delicate stems got broken.

Pink Lilium martagon blooms in many places. 
Here in a flower bed with Gillenia trifoliata.

There is a hint of blue as well - campanulas are in bloom.
Probably this wonderful lilac Campanula latifolia is a crossbreed of blue and white.

I made a casual bouquet with Campanula persicifolia and stormtorn Clematis recta.
It looked airy, as picked up on a summer meadow.

Wishing you wonderful & sunny July days!

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27 kommenttia:

  1. Good morning Riita,
    It's not a bad thing that you answered so late.
    There are bloggers who don't answer at all and I don't expect them to.
    Everyone has their job.
    My friend also needs toys from time to time, but that's mostly something for the PC etc.
    He has as little to do with gardening as I do.
    Have a nice weekend and best regards Eva

    1. When my husband sees a new toy / gadget, he can’t rest until he has got it 😏 I myself am not as keen on different things. Happy weekend Eva.

  2. Die Blütenpracht in Deinem Garten ist ein Traum, liebe Riitta. Und Dein Strauß schaut wundervoll aus, er wirkt großartig.

    Auch bei uns ist es viel zu trocken, gestern hatten wir zwar Regen, aber es reicht noch nicht. Zumindest ist es nicht mehr so heiß.

    Ein schönes Wochenende
    wünscht Dir

    1. It is cooler now also in Finland, but plants would benefit from a strong rain - which is not in sight. Happy weekend Anke.

  3. Garden looks gorgeous. I am so glad to hear that the sprinklers have been working well.


    1. Thank you Soma. The fact is that our previous sprinkler was quite ok, but lacked some adjusting possibilities. But the main thing is that Mr. is content 😂

  4. Just fantastic....a paradies for the soul and eyes and for sure for the nose too. Love it.

    Wishing you a nice weekend I am sending greetings over to you


    1. The winter was hard and with bad news (the war in Ukraine still going on and the covid cases are on the rise again), but I enjoy so, so much this wonderful summer 💕 Saludos y abrazos Nova.

  5. The flowers in your garden are gorgeous. Kudos to the new sprinkler, it will save a lot of work and time.

  6. Your blooming garden is a paradise. Rarely do you see flowers like this. As long as you can still water everything is fine. Unfortunately, I fear that the water shortage will soon cause problems. it's really a very big drought everywhere.
    Let's hope the best.
    Greetings Jutta

    1. We Finns think that we are fortunate, because there is plenty of water (lakes) in Finland, but the climate change causes already terrible draught and famine for example in African countries. I have been very enthusiastic about garden and plants and have experimented with rare & delicate plants as well. As many of them have disappeared in the run of years, I have also lost a lot of money. Better not think about financial losses 😂

  7. Familiarity does breed contempt, may be new toys help in breaking the monotony. I am not too fond of gadgets but always look for unfamiliar scenes. You chose my favorite among these flowers to make the bouquet. Campanulas are so pretty!

    1. Y husband is VERY fond of all kinds of gadgets and wants to hoard this and that. Fortunately less in recent times. Happy birding trips to you!

  8. Your garden is in excellent conditions. We water every evening alternatively garden and veg-yard as the rain is too little. Hope in some more rain but in higher temperatures: nature needs both to grow.
    Happy weekend!

    1. Maybe we need some kind of rain dance, because no rain in sigh. But the summer is gorgeous, I don’t complain too much!

  9. ...the campanula is my favorite!

  10. Bom fim de semana Francisco.

  11. Great you have now some help with watering all these beautiful flowers! Love the pink lilium and the peonies are stunning, also the laver flowers are so pretty! Have a great weekend! Emille

  12. You do a fine job. Just look at how wonderful your garden is! We appreciate you. Hope you have a beautiful summer

  13. Dearest Riitta,
    fantastic, your bloomers of the week! I think at the moment many of us are a bit late and busy with garden projects and the like ;-) No problem!
    Happy weekend and hugs from Austria,

  14. Lovely flowers! Have a nice weekend.

  15. Liebe Riitta,
    bei uns ist es auch zu trocken, aber noch nicht so sehr, dass ich jeden Abend gießen müsste. Vor drei Jahren war das anders, da musste ich jeden Tag gießen und ich habe mir damals tatsächlich auch einen neuen Sprinkler gekauft, mit dem ich dann auch größere Flächen direkt gießen kann.
    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Sonntag.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  16. Tu jardín se ve maravilloso Riita, mi marido también es así, siempre comprando nuevos aparatos para el jardín y todo lo demás. Un abrazo y se feliz en tu jardín. Me marcho a regar el mío.

  17. Dearest Riitta!
    I am enchanted by Clematis Recta 'Atropurpurea', pink goldfish Lilium and lilac Campanula latifolia. The vase with flowers looks wonderful.
    Have a nice relaxing Sunday and a happy week.


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