04 heinäkuuta 2020

White Beauties of the Week

My garden suffered actually no rain damages during this wet & windy week.
Secretly the old & big shrubs of Philadelphus coronarius have started to bloom.
I have three of them in a row and they need pruning again in the autumn or next spring.

The other white blooming beauty is Clematis recta ’Atropurpurea’
- not easy to photograph, but it has enlightened my week.

Many different flowers are in bloom, here a lilac Tradescantia. I like them very much
and have many colors of it: lilac, dark blue & heavenly blue, purple & white.

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7 kommenttia:

  1. As I said before...I would love to stroll in your garden. So pretty all the plants and blossoms. A lot of work but that’s the reward.

    Sunny weekend for you and also hugs and greetings


  2. I like the Philadelphus very much.
    Happy flowery weekend, Riitta!

  3. Your garden looks absolutely splendid, and I am sure that the fragrance is wonderful too. Hopefully, lots of essential pollinators are busy at work there.

  4. ...a dazzling array of flowers. If you have any extra rain, send it my way. Thanks Ritta for joining in, enjoy your summer!

  5. Dear Riitta,
    what a wonderful white garden.
    I wish you a nice weekend
    warm greetings

  6. Wonderful white flowers. I love jasmines. It is a pity that they have already faded.
    Have a nice sunny week:)

  7. Se ven preciosos y son muy aromáticos. Besos.


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