11 heinäkuuta 2020

The Weekend Roundup B

Starts with B:
Small flowered traditional Delphinium shines in Blue.
The flowers are small, but this stays upright and needs no support.

Starts with B:
Bouquet of peonies with Sarah Bernhardt from end of June compensates for
the present Bad weather.

Tom’s Choice Black:
Black Lives Matter. I have read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas a few years ago.
Recently I read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah telling about his childhood
in the shadow of apartheid of South Africa.

This is of course not my photo, but from here: History.com. More signs on the site.

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#image-in-ing #makrotex  #t in die neue woche #the weekend roundup #värikollaasit #willy-nilly

11 kommenttia:

  1. Boa, I could puk when I see that sign :-((( A beautiful sentence I’ve heard in a survey they mad in many countries of the world was when a young spanish guy said: "At least we were all migrants at that point". That’s exactly how it is, especially the white in connection with America and Afrika^^

    Beautiful are your Blossom B’s.

    Wishing you a hopefully sunny weekend I am sending greetings and hugs over to you


  2. Dear Riita,
    do you like the color blue? I like them too and your knight sport is so beautiful.
    Sarah Bernardts peony is a dream.
    Well, I'm in the blue country right now.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Greetings Eva

  3. Our Delphinium has not bloomed yet.
    Today it is pouring in Somero...
    Let's hope tomorrow will get better!

  4. Beautiful flowers. The peonies look like roses.

  5. The blue flowers are beautiful, a far cry from apartheid SA all those decades ago...

  6. Beautiful flowers. Peonies are a favorite of mine. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love your Black "B", Rita. I didn't know the small flowered Delphinium but the are very pretty.
    As we stay in, TV is our larger window. Today the we watched the guidebook travel author, Rick Steves, on his visit to Helsinki. It was sooo refreshing, our favorite was riding the train on both loops, that ride we still talk about from our 2009 visit.

  8. Your blue flowers are very pretty, but the peonies are my favorite! So beautiful, Riitta. Have a nice week.

  9. Both your flower images are very beautiful. Stay safe and have a wonderful week ahead.


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