04 heinäkuuta 2020

The Weekend Roundup A

Tom’s choice architecture:
Modern Finnish Architecture, Helsinki

Another sample of architecture:
Ancient Malmi Airport dates back to 1938, Helsinki
In July 2019 Malmi Airport was used as a concert venue for Ed Sheeran's Divide Tour, 
which became the most attended in Finland's history 
with over 100.000 visitors over two days. Photo & more info HERE.

Starts with A :
Acer platanoides ’Drummondii’ / Variegated Norway maple

Starts with A & my favourite:
On July 10, on the birthday of our beloved painter Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946)
we celebrate Visual Art Day. HERE my post from the exhibition 
On my Travels I Found Myself at Ateneum Art Museum. 

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7 kommenttia:

  1. Nice Finnish architecture and green maple leaves. Happy weekend.

  2. I like modern architecture, in general.
    Sometimes they are authentic challenges...

  3. Beautiful modern architecture. The tree is beautiful and I do love the painting. Makes me wonder what she is thinking. It would make a nice prompt for a story. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. ...Modern Finnish ARCHITECTURE looks like a box with an inverted roof to me!
    ...my guess is that the ANCIENT Malmi AIRPORT won't look this crowded in July 2020.
    ...I've sold many ACER platanoides 'Drummondii' in my day, too bad that they revert to green so easily.
    ...ART sure ADDS beauty to life.
    Thanks Riitta for joining in, take care!

  5. The modern architecture is very cool, I like the not-so-linear style of the building on top where everything is slightly off center...I wish we could have crowds like at this airport in the covid era 2020!

  6. Nice modern architecture finds, Ritta. I would like to live in one of those upper apartments in that pretty building. I probably couldn't afford the rent though. Your artist was quite the modernist movement with her paintings. (I found a typo, she was born in 1862.).

  7. Muy interesante. Un beso.


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