07 huhtikuuta 2020

Portraits & Selfies

 I have lost my energy and creativity, so played only with old photos just pressing the buttons. 
I found this Japanese online application, if you wish to play, too. 
It changes facial traits and makes a child older and the art works are not very sharp.
But any joy in these hard times is welcome, don't you think?

Above I am about 20 years having my parent’s Karelian Bear Dog as puppy in my laps.

I got my white student cap at 18 years, very long ago....

A recent photo from the times when I still coloured my hair darker.

Above my grandchildren Hannes and Helmi about 15 years ago.

In my childhood home we had always cats. Through my adult life 
I have had dogs until Sissi came!

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20 kommenttia:

  1. Hallo Riitta,
    so hübsche Kinderbilder, hach, das wäre doch auch mal etwas für alle anderen Blogger,
    schaun wir mal.

    Mal sehen, was sich machen lässt.

    Dir alles gut und liebe Grüße Eva

  2. Hauskan ohjelman olet löytänyt!

    Totta, energiatasot ja luovuus alkavat olla aika kortilla, olen huomanut saman, mutta uskon, että inspis löytyy sitten joskus taas.

  3. Boah, was für eine tolle Idee ist das denn !
    Ich bin sehr begeistert und beeindruckt .
    Hast du super gemacht und ich danke dir ganz ♥lichst dafür !
    Bleib weiterhin gesund und sei lieb gegrüßt

  4. Liebe Riitta, die Gestaltung deines neuen Haeders finde ich sehr geschmackvoll.Es ist immer wieder interessant in älteren Fotos zu kramen und diese auch in den Händen zu halten.
    Bleib gesund und sei lieb gegrüßt

  5. Funny edits... :)
    Be strong, Riitta! Better times will come again!

  6. Hello Riitta!
    So, what is it about losing energy and creativity? Now, in this time of crisis, because of the threat from Covide 19, it takes courage to renew energy and creativity, to overcome the confinement to which we are subject, and to transmit the hope of better days, those we love. It is spring, nature, particularly the flora, is lush with shapes, sparkling with colors. Your garden care must be beautiful and a source of inspiration for the beautiful photos you usually present to us. After looking at the photos of your youth, let me tell you that you were a young woman of sublime beauty, candid. What a beautiful smile that must have "broken" many hearts. Each age has its charm, and now, you are still a beautiful lady with a beautiful and generous heart.
    I, throughout my life, always had cats around me. At my parents' house there was always a cat or two. Today, as I write this comment, one of the three cats (females) we care for is in labor and four puppies have been born. I don't know if more will be born yet. In addition to these three female cats, we feed more four male cats.

    A big hug.

    (Sorry for any mistake in the translation of the script.)

    1. Hello Cuco,

      Have not heard from you for a long time. Thank you for your compliments ❤︎ To me all young people are beautiful. Wow, you have newly born kittens! It is one sign that life goes on despite the terrible Covid-19. We have a splendid spring day today, have been out in the garden doing this and that. Now a little break and I'll continue my garden jobs.

      Thank you so much for visiting, all the best to you, your family and your many cats! Stay safe and well. Happy Easter!

  7. beautiful, if somebody cam draw so on computer

    take care of you
    greetings gabi

  8. Hi Riitta,
    I don't think that you have lost your energy and creativity completely ;-) Your experiments look nice and exciting.
    Keep strong and healthy

  9. Am definitely going to try this Riitta, looks fun 💙 I love dogs but I'm always 'found' by cats 💙

  10. Täytyypä vilkaista tuota ohjelmaa, olisi kiva joskus leikitellä sen kanssa, kun mikään muu virike ei huvita.
    Oletpa sinä kaunis.
    Meillä on ollut sekarotuinen Vili, jonka isä oli karjalan karhukoira. Se katosi jälkiä jättämättä aidatulta pihalta 17. 5 vuotiaana. Edes jälkikoira ei saanut vihiä sen kohtalosta.

  11. Das ist super gemacht, so schöne Kinderbilder ,umgewandelt, ein schöner Vergleich!
    Herzliche Grüsse, bleibe gesund, Klärchen

  12. To click the button is creativity too, cause I like it. Looks funny how you changed your pics, and thank you for sharing them.

    Just love the last picture with the cat. I grew up with a dog but later on I felt in love with cats.

    Hope you will find back to yourself and most of all stay healthy. Take care



  13. Beautiful memories(frumoase amintiri- romana).

  14. Beautiful photos. You are beautiful. It is fun playing with photo editor apps.

  15. As a kid we had a dog for a pet, Fritzi, a dachshund. Later in life we've had lots of cats, strays or pound adoptions. The last one lived 25 years. He was too hard to replace. - Margy

  16. Muy lindas fotografías y muy guapa riitta. Besos y salud.


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