02 maaliskuuta 2019

And the Sunshine Blogger Award Goes to....

My dear blog friend Luisella from the blog Tra Italia e Finlandia / Our Life Between Italy and Finland surprised me with this Sunshine Blogger Award ❤︎
I became very glad, but doubt that it is not deserved. The long Finnish winter has cast its shadows on my mind. I wish that I'll soon recover my energy and positive attitude. There is a questionnaire involved - my answers underneath.

1.What is your blog about and how is it articulated?
I started as a garden blog 3,5 years ago under the name Into & Vimma. The name was too difficult for my foreign blog friends, so I renamed my blog to Floral Passions.  This name reflects my passion for nature & florals.  Nowadays I write about mixed subjects that interest me, not only about gardening. Because my blog friends come mainly from abroad I started to write only in English. 

2. Passion means…?
Passion means everything: enthusiasm and meaning of life. I find my passion in the nature, in the new growth of spring, in the scent of roses... Also in the love of my family and friends and in good literature.

3. What do you do to relax?
In the summer I relax maintaining my garden, walking in the wild or reading a good book. In the winter there shall be more books and movies. 

4. Your latest pleasure trip?
My latest visit was to Barcelona, a Spanish city that I love. I usually travel to Spain because of the language but one day I would love to visit Florence and see all the fabulous Renessaince paintings I have always admired!

5. Do you usually travel alone or with a group?
I usually travel alone because my husband has other interests.

6. A dream destination you have ever wanted to visit?
That would be Japan and Kyoto where I have never been! Also I plan to visit Sevilla another time. I spent there only two days and would love to enjoy the atmosphere once again.

7. Let’s talk about books. The latest you read?
I am a book lover as you know. Monthly I read 10-15 books, both Finnish and foreign.

8. What is your favourite book genre?
I prefer novels but read also detective stories. My favourite detective stories writers are Fred Vargas and Pierre Lemaitre - both French and very different from each other.

9. What do you like to share on social media?
I am a reserved and introvert person; I don’t publish selfies or open up my private life on social media.

10. What is your relationship to the place you live?
I was born in Imatra, a small Carelian town near to the Russian border. I became to Helsinki to study very long ago and stayed.

11. What would you like to be promoted?
Equality between men and women - and the climate of course! It is threathening to see how the climate changes and has changed.

To finish I want to give this Sunshine Blogger Award to some blog friends of mine. Some I have known nearly the whole of my blogging career - 3,5 years -, some are newer acquaintances. I thank you all for your friendship and would be glad if you had time to write about yourself!

❤︎ Loretta and Wolfgang / Ein Fachwerkhaus im Grünem
Loretta & Wolfgang host a linkparty Gartenglück = Garden Happiness.
❤︎ Jutta K / Kreativ im Rentnerdasein
I have known Jutta for a long time. She hosts Digitalart Dienstag.
Kirsti loves to explore the world and it is always a real pleasure to read her travel reports!
❤︎ Susanna  A Whisper from the Almond Valley
Susanna is a Finnish florist living now in in Costa Blanca, Spain. Her soft and romantic photos with gentle & optimistic verses bring always joy to my day.
❤︎ Miyako  / Orchid’s Daily Voice
Miyako is a Japanese lady who tells interesting facts about the Japanese culture. Also her bird photos are stunning.
❤︎ Lorrie Fabric Paper Thread
Lorrie is a Canadian language teacher living on Vancouver Island.
❤︎ Angie / Letting Go of the Bay Leaf
Angie and I have something in common: she lives in Montana where the winters are as cold and snowy as in Finland. She hosts Mosaic Monday, a linkup I have participated on-off a long time.

All of my blog friends would deserve this award - maybe there shall be more nominees
in the future because it is interesting to learn to know the persons a bit better!

17 kommenttia:

  1. ...Ritta, these are GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Hello Riitta,
    our dear blog friends deserve a gesture of kindness...don't they?
    I hope you have a warm and colourful weekend!

  3. "I was born in Imatra, a small Carelian town near to the Russian border. I became to Helsinki to study very long ago and stayed."

    Do you ever visit Russia?

  4. Such beautiful photos, Riitta. I enjoyed reading a little bit more about you. Thank you for the Sunshine Blogger award. I'll try to respond soon.

  5. Congratulations! You deserve the award! The flowers are so beautiful and its nice getting to know you better. Have a great new week!

  6. You deserve the award <3
    Beautiful flowers. I enjoyed reading your answers. Thank you Riitta.
    It was a big surprise to find my own blog from the list. So thank you again.
    I'll respond when I'm back home and done all the things I have do after getting home from a long journey.

  7. Liebe Riitta,
    es ist eine Freude auf der Liste zu sein. Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass Du denkst dass Wolfgang und ich so was verdient haben.
    Die Collagen gefallen mir sehr gut. Die breite Palette der Farbe blau ist für mich unwiderstehlich.
    Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Sonntag.
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Riitta - congratulations on the Sunshine Blogger Award, and thanks for spreading the sunshine to me - I am honored! Your photo collages this week are superb, each and every one. They are particularly attractive to me because I adore the color purple! Thanks so much for linking to Mosaic Monday, and sharing your floral passion with everyone in our little community!

    P.S. I live in Montana, not Minnesota! (But the weather sure is similar!)

  9. Congratulation, Riitta for this pretty award. I ˋm sure you deserve the sunshine blogger award, too.
    Happy MosaicMonday!

  10. Congrats for this Award and nice for us, to find out things about you!

  11. It's fun to read about how you started your blog and what your interests are. I love reading too and like detective books. Congrats on the award!

  12. Your mosaics are lovely. It's nice to see several different purple flowers. I've been thinking we need more purple in our gardens. Congrats on receiving the Sunshine Award. Seems to me it was a good choice on Luisella's part. :-)

  13. What gorgeous and bright flowers! You always have the best colors!

  14. Such beautiful photographs Riitta.

    All the best Jan

  15. Kiitos tuhannesti Sun Shine Awardista, Riitta!
    On pitänyt niin kiirettä, että melkein jo kevättohinoissani unohdin koko awardin!
    Yritän tarttua siihen pikapuoliin.


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