16 marraskuuta 2018

Friday Bliss #10 - Getting Cozy

HYGGE has been a popular trend in the recent years. The concept originates from Danish (and also Norwegian) meaning a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Wikipedia informs:

  • In German Gemütlichkeit means the state of warmth, friendliness and belonging.
  • The Norwegian adjective koselig is used to describe a feeling of warmth, intimacy and getting together in an agreeable environment.
  • The Swedish adjective mysig (and its associated noun mys) describes a pleasant and warm atmosphere of togetherness in a pleasant setting. 
  • The Japanese adjective/verb mattari (まったり) has a similar meaning to be/have a comfortable, calm and pleasant time, but it is also applicable to a situation being alone.

  • What might my Spanish, Italian & Portugese blog friends say? Maybe hogareño / acogedor; accogliente / confortevole; acolhedor?

I saw this fun site in my blog friend Lorrie’s post and I just have to share it with you!
Please look at the site - I got a really good laugh!
You’ll learn what the Swedish words lagom, knullrufs & sambovikt mean;
also what we Finns mean by kalsarikannit and sisu.
So hilarious - thank you Lorrie!

I try to feel as cozy and relaxed as this little angel!
My own hygge or coziness consists of fire at the fireplace, a good book, candles,
turning my thoughts towards Christmas and soft Sissi under my arm while reading ❤︎

I would like to know how you make yourself feel warm & cozy 
in the dark days and evenings of November.

There’s nothing as cozy as a piece of candy and a book.
- Betty MacDonald

This week I read Bea Uusma’s fantastic non-fiction book
The Expedition: Solving the Mystery of a Polar Tragedy
Warmly recommended.

The link is open
Helsinki time

17 kommenttia:

  1. ...I feel warmer already on this snowy morning! Thanks.

    1. No sight of snow here yet - have a nice weekend Tom.

  2. Thank you for this lovely and cozy post, Riitta!
    Wishing you a wonderful and cozy weekend,
    it is getting colder ...
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  3. Thanks for the nice post. The way to make Hygge in the north of Italy in this month is: roasted or boiled chestnuts and Novello red wine. Kippis!

    1. Sounds wonderful! I post with you with my non-alcoholic glögg :)

  4. Tunnelmalliset kuvat. Näyttää tosi mukavalta.
    Vielä kissa kainaloon kehräämään ja se on siinä.
    Karkit korvaan kuivatuilla hedelmillä.
    Kodikasta viikonloppua!

  5. Acogedor y hogareño. Feliz fin de semana.

    1. Gracias Teresa - hubo un deletreo erróneo :) Feliz fin de semana.

  6. Dear Riitta,
    for me, hygge is cosiness. When I'm dressed warm, it can be outside too. Otherwise inside near the log fire, reading and snacking.
    Have a cosy weekend and

  7. I have enough warmth now but sometimes I need a bit of warm because the night can be a bit chilly after a heavy downpour. The picture of the fire reminds me of my childhood days when we used wood for cooking.

  8. Hallo liebe Riitta,
    ein schöner, romatischer Post mit vielen schönen Fotos.

    Die letzten zwei Tage hatten wir noch herrliches Wetter, aber es soll ja kälter werden.

    Ich wünsche Dir ein gemütliches, kuscheliges Wochenende...
    P.S. Danke für Deinen Tip mit dem Buch, werde ich mir mal merken und vielleicht später kaufen.

    Liebe Grüße

  9. I can imagine you enjoying the warmth of the open log fire, reading a good book with Sissi purring with pleasure next to you. Hygge for me would be relaxing with my dear husband as companion, a good book to hand and a cozy blanket thrown over me. Even if it's chilly outside this would not matter. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  10. Hello Riitta,
    I was unable to join in with Friday Bliss this week - it was a busy time of filling in student report cards at school, and marking so many papers. I'm glad you enjoyed the article. It was very funny.
    I like the idea of hygge. For me it's going for a walk in the cold air and coming into a warm house to have a cup of tea by the fire, perhaps with a book or some needlework. Or cooking soup in the kitchen for my husband. Life is full of hygge moments.

    1. Yes, I had to grab the link for also later to read! Yes life is full of higgle moments! Wishing you a good week Lorrie.


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