23 huhtikuuta 2022

Winter vs Summer

The good news is that this massive amount of snow is almost totally gone!
But lets compare some winter vs summer views of my garden.

We got a LOT of snow this winter. There were a few days of snow chaos in January and February. At the end of January the Valtteri storm with strong winds and heavy snowfall brought over 40 cm of new snow and a week later again we got 30 cm of new snow. There have been lesser snowfalls in March and even in April and the winter has seemed endless. I think these February photos give you the idea of the Finnish winter reality. 

The first photo shows the outdoor stairs that we don’t use at all in the winter. 
This beautiful pink Atragene Constance is growing along the roof ladders.
Don’t know why it did not drop its leaves.

I got this Pterocarya rhoifolia at a plant swap as a 40 cm high young plant.
It has grown beautifully and also started to bloom.

My garden Singer hosts different annuals each year combined with 
lime Lysimachia mummularia.

Along this small pergola structure there are growing
Parthenocissus and lime Humulus lupulus.

The same plants also decorate these garden arches.

I have a few towers like this constructed by myself.
Sad to say that this Clematis alpina has not lately been blooming this abundantly.

Around our terrace we have trellis and the Clematis Negritjanka 
is every summer just gorgeous.

Longing so badly for the spring, apple blossoms and lilacs.

Wishing a good & sunny weekend!

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21 kommenttia:

  1. Your winter pictures are beautiful. I don't like the time of the year. I love spring with lilies of the valley, lilacs, tulips and wonderful greenery.
    Wonderful weekend:)

    1. No green sprouts or early spring flowers yet - but they will come very soon! Warm greetings Lucia.

  2. ...from winter beauty to spring beauty!

  3. Dear Riitta,
    the comparative images are really impressive. And one can see how much you long for summer.
    Herzliche Gr√ľ√üe – Elke

    1. Oh yes Elke, the winters are very long in Finland. Hope we’ll get compensated in the summer. Last summer was very hot & sunny, but I wish more rain.

  4. Draga Riitta,
    Interesanta comparatie prin poze in anotimpuri diferite!
    Primavara are ceva in plus... renasterea, prospetimea, miracolul!
    Apoi gradina ta este magnifica, raiul pe pamant!!!

    1. I agree Mia. The spring means new beginnings & hope. Happy Sunday.

  5. We still have a lot of snow but luckily it is melting quickly.
    Have a nice Sunday!

    1. The snow really melts incredibly fast - enjoy the Sunday Luicella!

  6. so much snow!! wonderful pictures from your garden with and without snwow. but I also prefer spring!!!
    your garden is incredibel beautiful - enjoy it!!
    liebe sonntagsgr√ľ√üe

    1. Thank you mano! We don’t have this much snow every winter. For example two years ago there was practically none. But our winters are long, so the spring is badly longed for. Happy Sunday to you.

  7. WOW was f√ľr ein Unterschied, liebe Riitta. Ich mag Deine Schneebilder, aber die Bl√ľtenpracht im Sommer ist kaum zu √ľbertreffen, Du hast einen wundervollen Garten.

    Einen schönen Sonntag
    w√ľnscht Dir

    1. Thank you Anke! It is unbeliavable how the plants survive all the frost and snow blanket. And how quickly everything bursts to life during the first warm spring days. A miracle!

  8. Great comparison shots. It makes me shudder when I think how close Finland is to Russia with that madman in control there. Stay safe.

    1. Hello David,
      Our geopolitical situation is not nice with 1300 km common border with Russia. But we cannot change it. Since our wars and through the years of cold war Finland has tried to balance with the Soviet Union and later Russia. But we are a member state of the EU and do tight cooperation with Nato, so we are a western country. It is highly possible that Finland will apply the full membership of Nato in the next few weeks - in order to get extra safety guarantees in addition with our own armed forces.

      The situation in Ukraine is devastating, but I am not afraid trusting our politicians.

  9. Liebe Riitta,
    ihr hattet wirklich sehr viel Schnee, bei uns hingegen hat es den gesamten Winter √ľber nicht geschneit. Nur im Fr√ľhling hatten wir dann Schnee, aber da wollte ich auch keinen mehr haben, im Winter wartete ich dagegen richtig auch Schnee, aber vergebens.
    Ich w√ľnsche Dir noch einen sch√∂nen Restsonntag.

    Viele liebe Gr√ľ√üe

    1. Dear Wolfgang,
      Snow is pretty and welcome to a certain extent, but too much is simply too much. Snow is of course useful protecting plants but this year it caused some snow damages as well, broken branches etc.

  10. Wonderful pictures! I like both: winter and summer.

  11. The contrast between winter and summer is striking - both beautiful in different ways. After a long snowy winter, the longing for flowers and sunshine is intense. I hope the spring arrives soon. I think of you often when I see news about Finland thinking about joining NATO, and the awful situation in Ukraine.

  12. Se ve todo precioso con nieve y sin ella, pero las flores necesitan la primavera y estoy deseando verla en tu jardín. Un abrazo, deseando la paz.


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