30 huhtikuuta 2022

My April in Collage

Isn’t it great that we are already in May! And the spring starts finally to arrive also in Finland.
Selma and Silva got sterilized and I have had to keep an extra eye on them,
but by now they don’t have to wear these ’dresses’ any more.
And they walked in the garden for the first time! Selma was a bit afraid, 
but Silva walked on the paths very eagerly and wanted to repeat it all the time.
Garden work has started and I love to spend outdoors a couple of hours a day!

Easter was celebrated in April, so there were multiple Easter related posts,
otherwise I have been half dormant still:

Wishing you all healthy and happy May!


#der natur donnerstag #gartengl√ľck #how to survive november #image-in-ing #krapu 

#makrotex / monthly collages  #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures 

7 kommenttia:

  1. Mukavaa, kun tytöt ovat päässeet puvuistaan ja päässeet tutustumaan puutarhaan.
    Leppoisaa vappua!

    1. Samoin sinulle Susu! Leikkaushaavat parantuivat hyvin ja on kiva viedä neitejä ulos.

  2. Hurrah for Spring! Your collage made me smile especially the Easter Kitty!! (I'm catching up and having fun doing that -- all your posts are so beautiful.)


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