28 marraskuuta 2020

My November in Collage

I am so happy that this long and dark November is soon over.
A lot of time was spent simply at home reading and starting to decorate for Christmas. 
I have walked in the neighbourhood almost daily. Only once I made a visit to the center of Helsinki, 
because had to see my dentist. Some spring bulbs were planted and 10 books were read.

The coronavirus situation has been getting worse in Uusimaa / Helsinki region.
New tougher restrictions are valid from November 30 till December 20. This means that
 museums, theatres & cinemas are closed and many sport activities are cancelled.
It is recommended that we don’t meet any other people than those with whom we are living with.
No public gettogethers, no family reunions either, the funerals being the only exception, 
max 10 persons are allowed.

I doubt that Uusimaa / the capital region shall be shut for Christmas as it was in the spring.
We’ll see.

In Novembr I read or listened 12 books, among them Margarita that won the greatest
literature prize in Finland - The Finlandia prize. French Pierre Lemaitre is a must reading!

Wishing you all a good start to December - stay well!

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15 kommenttia:

  1. ...from my viewpoint your November looks very nice. Do I need to remind you that the shortest day of the year is in December?

    1. Yes I know Tom, but mentally November is tougher.

    2. I fully agree, November is the nastiest month!

  2. Niinpä, saa nähdä, miten rajoitukset purevat. Toivottavasti porukat nyt ottavat tosissaan nämä suositukset. Kaupoissa kyllä tuntuu olevan ihmisiä jouluostoksilla melkein vanhaan malliin ja pahoin pelkään, että meno vaan kiihtyy mitä lähemmäksi tullaan joulua.
    No,, pysytellään me mökeissämme!
    Ja terveinä.

    1. Minä pysyn kyllä mökissä. HUS on aika huolissaan potilasmäärien kasvusta. Jengi käyttäytyy osaksi edelleen kuin koronaa ei olisikaan.

      Rauhaisaa ensimmäistä adventtia Susu. Mennään Tuomaan markkinoille ensi vuonna!

  3. Tom is right, but December is somehow more hopeful ;-)
    Your collage shows nice, friendly motifs!
    The corona restrictions are like ours, I hope People stick to it too.
    Unfortunately, there are a lot of unreasonable people
    Hang in there, stay healthy, and have a good time.
    Warm greetings from Germany

    1. Thank you Jutta for your comment. You stay healthy, too!

      This pandemic has lasted so long, it is understandable that people are tired of all the restrictions. But this is going to last until we get the vaccine. The toughest thing is that meeting family members is not possible. I had thought to have a nice birthday party on my 70th birthday - but no way. Celebration is postponed to some future day.

  4. Por España parece que va mejorando un poco, pero sigue habiendo muchos contagios. Besos y salud.

  5. For me was the November in Germany also tougher, getting grey and all the leaves are falling down. So in December there is coming joy with all the lights, outside an inside it feels cosy with them.

    Too bad at your place with the infections, and this year Christmas time will be not the same than usal. Over her we are not having a lockdown anymore but still restricions and no fiestas. For Christmas they will tell us the next days.

    Wishing you a cosy first advent

    Greetings and hugs


  6. Es geht eben nichts über ein Gemütliches zu Hause sein. Und wenn das Licht von aussen fehlt zünden wir eines in uns selber an.
    L G Pia

  7. In this year, not only November was tough.
    All the best, Riitta!

  8. Kaunis kollaasi marraskuusta, valoista ja kivoja paikkoja. Olet kerinnyt kuunnella ja lukea todella paljon. Toivottavasti väki nyt malttaa pysyä pois julkisilta paikoilta mahdollisimman ja rauhoittaisivat elämän, niin mahdollisimman usea näkee seuraavankin joulun.

    Mukavaa joulukuun alkua! (kohta)

  9. Your November collage is so beautiful Riitta. The next to last collage is my favorite I think! You did quite a bit of reading in one month:) the preparations in the Advent weeks are to me almost just as much fun and significant as Christmas itself. Forging on in December:) Thank you for your kind comment!

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