04 huhtikuuta 2020

The Weekend Roundup N

As we can’t travel now, I take you to Barcelona, a wonderful city that I visited last time
in 2017 during La Mèrce week. My consolations to Spain in this tragic situation.

Starts with N:
Narrow & Neat alley in Barrio Gótico

Tom’s choice number:
Nobody can count the Number of the pigeons at Plaza de Cataluña!

Starts with N:
Some National heroe? / Plaza de Cataluña

EDIT: Found some information about this sculpture on Spanish Wikipedia.

The work is an allegory of Wisdom, made up of a female figure representing the goddess Minerva, dressed in a robe and an aegis on her chest, and wearing a helmet in her right hand, 
while with her left she holds the bridles of a rearing horse, which lifts its legs to crush a snake,
 a symbol of ignorance. Sculptor Miquel Oslé.

This is a peaceful square in the old town with tragic past. See the link for
a couple of photos. There are still signs of bombarding on the stone walls.
The text says:

"In memory of the victims of Saint Felipe Neri.
Here, 42 people - mostly children - died in the bombing of Franco January 30, 1938."

Starts with N & my favourite:
Numerous people on the streets used to be Normal

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27 kommenttia:

  1. What a lovely post, Riitta. I recognized some of the scenes in your photos from my visit to Barcelona last October. Such a beautiful city. Plaza Neri holds a tragic tale, yet today it is a peaceful quiet place where children play. I look forward to the day when people fill the streets around the world. Until then, we must be patient and wait. It's not easy. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. A gorgeous city indeed with all the Gaudí architecture and a lot of other things. Take care Lorrie.

  2. NO social distancing in that last shot. How times have changed over the last months. Love the statue with the horse on his hind legs adn that sure is a LOT of pigeons Hope you are keeping well and staying safe. Thanks for hosting and have a lovely weekend

  3. Yes, it’a really a tragedy that is on the mainland. We will make it, but Barcelona will never be the same again as in 2017. Beautiful memories you are sharing with us. Thanks for it.

    Let’a hope and not despair.

    Wishing you a hopefully sunny weekend I am sending greetings over to you.

    Stay healthy and take care


    1. I have so many lovely memories from Barcelona. The Mèrce week I have visited twice: full of happeninsg & free events.

      Take care Nova.

  4. Ihanaa kun on muistoja mitä katsella ja muistella! Kiva postaus.

    1. Onneksi vielä muistaa :)) No, kuvat auttavat siinä!

  5. Thank you, dear Riitta,
    for sharing this wonderful impressions of Barcelona.
    It is so sad to see what is currently happening in Spain, but also in Italy and France.
    Warm greetings

    1. I have visitd Barcelona thre times. Still there would be a lot to see & enjoy. Have a sunny weekend Moni.

  6. ...indeed a NEAT NARROW alley, I start counting, but lost track! NATIONAL heroes are important NOW, I wish that we had one! We would be seeing NUMEROUS people in the streets for a while, if ever. Thanks Riitta for visiting, take care and your spring.

  7. This brings back fond memories, I love Barcelona as well.

  8. Hi Rita ~~ You've been busy since I came yesterday. Thank you for the Barcelona picture post. My favorite will be the one with all the pigeons, I've never seen that concentration. We do have large droves of black birds here, a small one invades our back yard to have their daily bath. Until they are finished the master bird keeps all the other breeds cleared. I also like your statue picture, I searched and searched but no name except "THE MAN WITH HORSE STATUE IN BARCELONA."
    We were in Barcelona, flew in from Houston via Paris in 2013. We stayed a few days overlooking Las Ramblas and then drove back into Southern France for a week, coming back through Andora, we'd never been there before. After we stopped at Paris for a other car and drove as far up as Belgium. We had son Tim with us, he wanted to go with us as we had taken his daughters to Europe when was 16. We've traveled virtually all of Western Europe. We were scheduled to come back to Barcelona via Transatlantic cruise leaving Miami this year, March 26. Of course we did not.
    Yes, it was a retirement hobby I picked up, writing poetry. This April is National Poetry Writing Month, I plan to write for your friend's monthly "write to her picture meme" again.

  9. The alleyway is indeed narrow and shadowy yet the flower boxes are adding lovely colors! That is a large number of pigeons indeed! I am also looking forward to Normal days, hopefully soon...

  10. We visited Barcelona in 2018, unfortunately when there was a terror attack on the Ramblas. We still had a wonderful holiday though. It's an amazing city.

  11. Looks like a beautiful day for your trip

  12. Barcelona - so much beauty there! Especially when our son worked next to the Gaudi cathedral! But I can't remember what tragic happened in 2017? Are you getting itchy to be in a crowd of people? That flat-iron building is also beautiful, and I love the narrow streets to walk in (maybe not to live, haha:) Many thanks for sharing Barcelona with us. Wishing you a very good week!Jesh

  13. Muchas gracias riitta. Un abrazo fuerte y espero que todo vaya bien por ahí.

  14. I'm imagining myself walking in that top photo. :-)

  15. Wonderful Photos, even if it was a sad event back then.even if it was a sad event back then.
    Have a good day!
    Greetings Elke

  16. Thanks for the tour. I'm sure I'll never make it there in person. - Margy

  17. Life is definitely different this month for us all. Your tour really cheered me up :)

    I'm delighted to read your post at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up!

  18. These are all great shots, but the first one really caught my eye. A powerful shot.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/04/from-archives-jordan-lake.html.
    Happy Easter to you, and stay healthy!


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