31 joulukuuta 2018

Sparkling New Year!

In my opinion   SILVER  goes so well to New Year.
With these photos I’ll show you what happens to my house plants in a second.
This silver sprayed sedum was only a little while without its protective lantern
- and the traces of Sissi’s little teeth can clearly be seen :DDD

I don’t usually buy plants that are sprayed or artificially coloured,
but this sedum fits so well in its lantern home.

We have this great Finnish poet who writes her poems in Turku / Åbo dialect,
a city on the west coast of Finland - Heli Laaksonen.
I am not able to translate the dialect, but here a rough translation for you.
The original is hilarious indeed!

Take the cone out from the shoe.
Shed the water off the boots.
Lift the bucket from your eyes.
Drink the cup empty.
Be joyful, be bright, be cute.
Don't put your hand on a circular saw.
Don’t drop the ax on your feet.
Don’t forget the keys at home.
Don’t loose the hearts given to you.

Ot käpy pois kenkäst.
Kaar vesi pois saappaast.
Nost ämpär silmiltäs.
Jua kuppis tyhjäks.
Ol ilone, ol valone, ol pulune.
Älä lait kät sirkkeli.
Älä purot kirvest kintuil.
Älä unohr kotti avaimi.
Älä karot annetui syrämei.

Sissi certainly is joyful, bright cute ❤︎

Happy New Year to Everybody!
- riitta

// Tom’s Photo Tunes

Folkloristic Winter Song by Varjakka String Band
- Bluegrass from Northern Finland & views from the beautiful Finnish nature!
The band was grounded in 2011, have many recordings and have performed
at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival - the biggest folk music festival in Scandinavia.

19 kommenttia:

  1. Niin kauniita kuvia♥ Mukavaa vuoden viimeistä päivää ja ihanaa uutta vuotta 2019, tuokoon se mukanaan kaikkea hyvää♥

  2. Happy new year... Your cat is gorgeous...

  3. Happy sparkling New Year to you, Riitta!
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  4. Happy New Year 2019 Ritta.

  5. Sissi is a gorgeous companion. Thank you for your good wishes for the New Year 2019. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Riitta!

  6. ...Ritta, you do sparkly with a fare! This tune is GREAT, I haven't a clue what the words mean, but that does matter. It makes me feel like I'm in the hills of West Virginia. Thanks so much joining Foto Tunes, I hope that you will come back soon. Happy New Year.

    1. You are so right Tom! Online I read that this band takes influence from the American Country Music - and from Virginia!

  7. Aproveito para desejar à minha amiga um Bom Ano de 2019 com muita paz e saúde.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

  8. Lovely selection of pictures! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  9. ¿ A Sissi no le afecta comer las plantas ? Feliz noche.

  10. The silver sedum is very pretty. Will it continue to live all covered in paint or is it a short-term decoration? Wishing you and yours a most sparkly New Year!

  11. Happy New Year to you too Riitta ... the sedum looks beautiful sprayed with silver and you are right it is perfect for the New Year celebration.

  12. Hallo liebe Riitta,
    ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Lieben von ganzen Herzen ein wundervolles, glückliches und gesundes Jahr 2019.

    Liebe Grüße

  13. Mahtavat kuvat.
    Kiitos Riitta viime vuodesta ja
    oikein, oikein hyvää tätä vuotta!

    1. Kiitos kaikille - hyvää uutta vuotta 💕Thank you all - great New Year 💕

  14. Such a pretty way to enter the year!

  15. Thanks for sharing. I'll ask my husband to read the poem...


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