26 lokakuuta 2018

Friday Bliss #7

End of October looks very colourless in Finland.
Practically all bright autumn leaves have fallen down. We have had some frost nights,
but mainly pretty warm & misty days.
The evenings are dark, so soon it is time to spread fairy-lights in the garden...


I don’t celebrate Halloween and found only these fake pumpkins from my archive.
But to you who celebrate I wish Happy Halloween!
In Finland we celebrate more All Saint’s Day the 3rd of November.
Families get together and we take candles and lichen wreaths to graveyards.

Pierre Lemaitre is one of my favourite French writers and I have read all his production.
This week’s reading has been his newest novel 
Couleurs de l’incendie - the second book of the trilogy on World War I.
Lemaitre was awarded the Prix Goncourt, France’s top literary prize, for Au revoir là-haut, 
the first book of the trilogy.
I am not quite sure if this is already available in English. Excellent novel!

The link is open
Helsinki time

Feel welcome to join in! - Happy Weekend!
- riitta 

13 kommenttia:

  1. How beautiful your pictures are. I love autumntime ☺

  2. I love the idea of fairy lights in the garden to brighten your dark days. Have a cosy weekend. It’s supposed to be much colder here too. B x

  3. Time really flies and very soon we will be ushering in the Christmas season. Your photos still have some lovely colours, such as the colourful berries on the trees. Happy Friday!

  4. It is indeed time to light up the home and garden!
    Thanks for the literary advice.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Your autumn photos are wonderful I love this season of the year there is so much going on in nature. Also very interested in your reading, I also love reading next to gardening, mainly Dutch literature but also international literature.

  6. Dear Riitta,
    you show so lovely autumn pictures, wonderful. - Have a nice weekend and

  7. Beautiful seasonal images, so evocative of this time of year. Happy Mosaic Monday.

  8. Hi Riita, Now you have me wondering if I love Autumn just because I like Autumn, or because it's time for fairy lights! Ha! Have a lovely week!

  9. Beautiful photos, Riitta. The lichen wreaths look wonderful. Are they decorated in any way?

    1. Mostly lichen wreaths for cemetery have no decorations at all - very simple. Pine wreaths may have a few cones.

  10. Hola Riitta.
    El otoño todavía brilla ahí por Finlandia.
    En la segunda foto la naturaleza se conjugó para asemejarse a una bella explosión volcánica, donde las rocas son el cono, los troncos el flujo y las bayas los piroclastos incandescentes.
    ¡Qué bonito el color rojo de la heladera, sobre el gris triste de las lápidas del cementerio.
    Son hermosos sus arreglos florales.
    En Portugal se celebra el Día de Todos los Santos el 1 de Noviembre y en la víspera del 31 de Octubre, ahora también se celebra el día de Halloween.
    Se cambian los tiempos, se cambian las costumbres.
    Tenga una buena semana.

  11. I love the fourth picture with the lichen and the heather - a super contrast!


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