27 tammikuuta 2017

Miss Universe 2030?

This week's topic at Our Beautiful World is BEAUTIFUL, chosen by Mandy. 
There is so much beauty and beautiful things in the world and in my life. 
I'll share five short thoughts of beauty.

1 Female Beauty
Soon it is time to crown again the new Miss Finland, so a few words about Finnish international beauty queens.
  • Six times a Finnish girl has been crowned as Miss Europe: in 1934 Ester Toivonen, 1938 Sirkka Halonen, 1955 Inga-Britt Söderberg, 1968 Leena Brusiin and 1976 Riitta Väisänen.
  • We have had one Miss World: in 1957 Marita Lindahl.
  • And two times Miss Universe: in 1952 Armi Kuusela and in 1975 Anne Pohtamo.

The year 1952 was a great year for us Finns. We had summer Olympics in Helsinki and Armi Kuusela (Williams, Hilario) was elected as Miss Universe! She was the first real superstar in Finland - when she came to visit there were thousands of people meeting her at the airport. She has been so beloved through the years! Armi lived years in the Filippines, was married to Gil Hilario and moved later to California with her second husband.

So is she Miss Universe 2030? My photo is not good but isn't there a resemblance?
Those huge eyes, beautiful nose, the lovely lips, that angelical expression...
You never know!

 2 Beauty of Family & Friends

At my grandson's confirmation party there were a few of these beautiful young ladies!

3 Beauty of the Nature

4 Beauty of  Summer Bouquets

5 Beauty of Reading & Book Covers

And to finish with:

Extra Beautiful News!
The Finnish-Australian pair Henry Kontinen & John Peers
has reached the Australian Open doubles final!
Let's see if they beat the tough US Bryan brothers!

❤︎  They won, they won! ❤︎ Congratulations!

Five on Friday
Our Beautiful World
Mosaic Monday

Thank you for visiting ❤︎ I'm a bit busy right now, but shall visit your blogs asap.

Find the beauty in your life you too!

23 kommenttia:

  1. What a beautiful beautiful post, Riitta.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. A very cheering post to read on a dull and dreary January day. Thank you. B x

  3. Love your post about beauty. I will take extra time today to notice! Yes I believe you have a Miss Universe there! Your photos are gorgeous. I became a nw follower and will be back to visit! ~GDazee~

  4. Beautiful post with beautiful photos!

  5. Beautiful pictures! We had a puppy that looked very similar to the one in your photos. He was a good dog :)

    I hope you can stop by:



  6. Beautiful pictures as always. Go Finns!

  7. Beautiful pictures and a timely reminder of the beauty that exists in our world.

  8. Kyllä on kaunis tyttö! Ihania kuvia postaus pullollaan! Tuo tennisjuttu oli musta niin hauska lopetus. Taidat olla kova penkkiurheilija?:D

    1. Tyttö on nätti kuin metsänkeiju 💕 Mun penkkiurheiluun kuuluu kiihkeä tennis ja nopeat (mies)juoksijat :) ei lätkää eikä futista!

  9. What a lovely thing to be reminded of and to remind us all to look all around for beauty! The flowers and nature really are so wonderful aren't they. People too of course, and not just on the outside, but the beauty of the soul.

  10. Oh, so much beauty! Yes, I see a resemblance! Thank you for all the lovely photos! x K

  11. Your post was a breath of fresh air in the gray and brown of winter in the Ozarks.

  12. Great post and agree that there is beauty everywhere if we look for it.

  13. Your little Finnish girls are beautiful, indeed! There is a lot of beauty in your world. The collage with the cherries and red fruits is so lovely, white and red. Have a good weekend!

  14. So much beauty, and lovely pictures! Life is full of beauty if you just can see it - and you obviously can.

  15. Great photo essay on the many different aspects of beauty. I enjoyed it all.

  16. What a lovely post! So full of beauty and interesting points ... She looks like she could be the next Miss Finland ... gorgeous!

  17. Beautiful mosaics, each one as breathtaking as the one before. Congrats on your winning doubles pair!
    Happy MM.

  18. Very beautiful! And she has such big beautiful eyes! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  19. What a beautiful, beautiful post, as always, Riitta! So full of lovely colorful aspects and various details, from nature to the cultural life! It's a pleasure to read such informative photo essay! 'Beauty is in the eye of the viewer' to paraphrase the expression "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
    A very lovely Monday!

  20. Very beautiful, floral beauty.

    1. Thank you all for visiting and for your comments ❤︎ Wishing you heals & bright days in February!


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