28 huhtikuuta 2021

Soft Pink of Prunus triloba


It is so cold that it feels like a new ice age is coming!
Nothing sprouts outdoors, that is why I went to Viherpaja in intention to visit their 
Japanese Garden (under roof). Well, the Japanese garden was closed due to the corona virus,
but I could admire their other gorgeous plants on sale and this blooming Prunus triloba, 
which we call in Finnish rose almond.

I am hiding behind Araucaria heterophylla!

#all seasons #der natur donnerstag #digitalart dienstag #gartenglück #image-in-ing 
#makrotex / tastes good #saturdays critters #t in die neue woche #wednesdayaroundtheworld

9 kommenttia:

  1. What lovely flowers you are sharing today!
    It is cold in Somero too and from time to time some snow appears...
    Have a nice day anyway!

  2. Se ve precioso. Un beso.

  3. What a gorgeousness, darling Riitta, I've never seen such a triumph of flowers in a tree of that species, it's truly a wonder!
    Thank you for sharing your marvellous photos!
    With much love
    Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

  4. What pretty....thanks for sharing.


  5. Pretty in Pink - how lovely Post,

  6. Hi Riitta,
    what a beautiful flower, so lovely!
    And yes, it still is cold here in the nights too!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  7. Die Japanische Kirschblüte ist bei uns vorbei und hat länger gehalten als andere Jahre, weil es so kalt war.
    L G Pia

  8. Ein Meer von Blüten, das macht den Frühling aus. Ein Kirschbaum? Da gibt es viele Früchte wenn es gut geht.
    Liebe Grüsse, Klärchen


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