14 syyskuuta 2017

Kauan eläköön Kirja vieköön!

Jos joku haluaa lukea upeasta kirjallisuusillasta eilen Savoyssa,
tässä linkki kirjablogiini.

I wrote about yesterday's fantastic literature evening at The Savoy Theatre
at my book blog. The writers are all Finnish, but if you are interested, please look.
There is Google translator as well.

Happy Thursday!

8 kommenttia:

  1. Alles, was einen Herbsttag schön und gemütlich macht, hast Du in einem Foto festgehalten: Herbstblumen, knackige Äpfel, Bücher zum Lesen.
    Wie schön, dass Du so einen tollen Literaturabend hattest. Ich hoffe, liebe Riitta, dass dieser Abend Dich fröhlich und positiv gestimmt hat.
    Einen schönen Tag und liebe Grüße sendet Edith

    1. Thank you Edith - the evening was great! The 6 writers on stage were all Finnish and their new books have just been released - of which I have read two.
      I understand that our Finnish literature does not interest my readers from other countries. But please, continue this Thursday by linking at Youtube and listening the beautiful Amazing Grace! We were so fortunate to hear that song yesterday evening - it really lifts up everybody's spirit!

      Wishing you Edith a great day!

  2. A great subject for a still life painting!
    Have a wonderful day :)

  3. Onpa kaunis kuva. Ihana kun tuollaisia tilaisuuksia järjestetään.

  4. Beautiful picture of the things I love, flowers and literature and....a glass of wine, or for me now a hot chocolate because it's stormy and rains cats and dogs for too long, days and days. Autumn has definitely arrived.

  5. Kaunis kuva. Kiitos Riitta, siitä Kirja Vieköön-blogin koosteesta. Hyvää illan jatkoa!

    1. Thank you all for visiting <3

  6. Me encantan los libros. Saludos.


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