11 kesäkuuta 2017

Sjundby Manor

Sjundby manor castle completed in the 1560s 
at rapids of Siuntio River, is one of the finest stone buildings in Finland

Sjundby Manor is situated in Siuntio / Sjundby. It is a bilingual community, therefore the community has name in both official languages. We had my granddaughter Helmi's high school graduation party a week ago very near. I knew that Helene Schjerfbek had spent many childhood summers at Sjundby Manor and also painted it. The Manor has long history, a bit more of it:

The grey granite manor in Sjundby has kept watch over the gently rolling landscape with its rapid on the river between Tjusträsk and Vikträsk for almost 450 years. But Sjundby Manor is mentioned for the first time already in 1417, at that point as a manor farm. It was the admiral and field colonel Jakob Henriksson Hästesko who built the manor which later was passed to the Tott family for four generations.

Kohta jo lähes 450 vuotta on Sjundbyn harmaakivinen linna vartioinut kumpuilevaa maastoa koskineen Tjusträskin ja Vikträskin välisellä joen osuudella. Sjundby mainitaan ensimmäisen kerran jo vuonna 1417, jolloin se oli säteritila. Amiraali ja kenttäeversti Jakob Henriksson Hästesko rakennutti linnan, joka myöhemmin siirtyi Tott-suvun omistukseen neljän sukupolven ajaksi. 

From 1698 onwards Sjundby has been the family estate within the Adlercreutz family, from the 20th century onwards in the matriarchal line. One of the most renowned persons to visit the manor in the 20th century was the artist Helene Schjerfbeck who was inspired by the manor and its surroundings in many of her works.

Helene Schjerfbeck: Sjundby manor 1901

When The Soviet Union took over the Porkkala area in 1944, the manor was situated on the wrong side of the border and was badly damaged during the years to come. The manor with its twometre-thick walls and deep vault cellars has undergone pious restoration after Finland got the area back in 1956. There are still texts in Russian on the gable wall of the old dairy which remind of the era of the Soviet Naval base. The manor is still today a private home and tourist groups are accepted to a limited extent, I could see the manor only outside.

The rapid was very vivid, on the other side of the bridge the view was still & idyllic.

Right beside The Manor there were huge old oaks.

I wish you enjoyed a peek into our history.

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  1. Dear Riitta,
    such a lovely place! Dreaming a dream of times passed for long....
    Thank you for showing.
    Have a good week, warm regards

  2. In so many aspects, a very lovely and large grey granite manor and situated in such wonderful green area. The river and the old oaks are so lovely in Spring. Love the branches spread... it is a great place to have a visit and a very cosy stay to relax, indeed!
    Many thanks for the tour, Riitta!
    HAve a sunny new weeek ahead, too! Salutari cordiale! Alexa

  3. A fascinating peek into the story of a centuries old property, what stories those walls could tell. Thank you for telling us about today @ Mosaic Monday.

  4. Muy interesante. Besitos.

  5. Ritta, I love that your share the history of your country (and your wonderful authors). Wonderful building and land ... beautiful images. Happy Monday!

  6. Riitta, I love this old building. Thank goodness it was restored. Thanks for sharing a bit of history and some lovely photos. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  7. Very interesting, Ritta. The stone on the white is an nice contrast. Happy Mosaic Monday to you!

    1. Thank you all for visiting & commenting <3

  8. Hello Riitta, I very much enjoyed this post about Sjundby Manor. We have friends with the last name of Sundby and I wonder if it's of Finnish origin, perhaps related to this Manor, with the "j" dropped for ease in English. Just a supposition on my part.
    I like the stones set in the white finish of the walls; they are very striking.

    1. Hi Lorrie,
      the name might be originated from Finland. Sjundby is Swedish, for it is our 2nd official language. What a nice coincidence!


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