12 kesäkuuta 2021

Garden Mix Early June

Finland has bathed in the sun and I have enjoyed to the fullest.
The summer & blooming proceed fast, some flowers wither, others start.
Lilac blooming was not that fantastic this year, but the scent was gorgeous!

Phlox subulata in matching tones to the lilacs...

Rhododenron ’Haaga’ is bright pink...

Silene dioica matches the tone...

Polygonatum odoratum bends so artistically... 

I have Centaurea montana in three colours...

Papaver orientale ’Olympia’ has funny crooked stems...

I had a sweet summer guest who loved to clean our icecream bowls!

Well, the summer is a woman’s best time!
Alliums are in full bloom and the roses are starting. Me and hubby have some projects.
He is washing our pavements with pressure washer and they look clean and nice!
Then he has to fix our concrete outdoor stairs, I try to guide the plants.

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8 kommenttia:

  1. So much floral beauty surrounds you!
    Enjoy the weekend. Hope the nice weather continues at least until midsummer!! :-)

  2. ...you are enjoying a blaze of colors!

  3. I admire the gorgeous flowers in your garden and the lovely little dog who loves ice cream as much as I do.
    Dear Riitta, I wish you a wonderful, relaxing weekend:)

  4. Beautiful and colourful summer flowers. My favourite is in 3rd and 4th image.

  5. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful flowers. I would like to have a smell button right now ;-))

    Buen domingo y saludos y abrazos


  6. so many delightful flowers in your garden!

  7. Beautiful blooms, I loved the capture of poppy buds . Thanks for joining Garden Affair.


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