08 helmikuuta 2019

Winterglück - Winter Happiness?

Loretta and Wolfgang have this linkup called Winterglück - Winter Happiness.  Actually I don’t know whether these sights make me happy - probably not. We have so much snow and we are getting more every other day.... In southern Europe spring sprouts of crocus and snowdrops are in sight, but none here. Everything lies under over a half a meter of snow.

But inside the sight of colourful fresh tulips does make me happy!

I’ll add my color collage from yesterday with spring photos...

Image verifying drives me nuts and makes commenting very difficult.
Could it be possible for you not to use it?

This song is called White Winter Hymnal, but Pentatonix members are singing
 in a summer forest! They are an American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas.
I hope you enjoy!

26 kommenttia:

  1. Wonderful winter pics, but nevertheless I hope that spring will come soon.
    Have a great Weekend!

  2. Beautiful winter shots! Love the tulips!

  3. Riita, I love thse Winterpictures! It looks like Winterwonderland in the sunshine!
    Happy weekend, and enjoy the tulips :O)
    Love, Claudia xo

  4. Your pictures are wonderful. I am looking forward to spring nevertheless 🌷🌷🌸🌷🌸🐝

  5. ...Ritta, your snow shots make me HAPPY. Back home we are having a winter of freezing and thawing, rain, ice and some snow. This deep snow is what winter should be! The tulips are a welcomed glimpse of spring to come. Thanks for the tune. Enjoy you day!

  6. Dear Riitta,
    your winter pictures are lovely. We have also snow, but not that much.
    Have a cosy weekend and

  7. Hello Dear Riitta!
    Lovely tulips, retro scenes too.
    Happy weekend:)

  8. Lumi on kuvissa kaunista. Vaikka työtä se teettää :)

  9. It's like you live in marshmallow land!

  10. Beautiful winter pictures. That is a lot of snow. I like the rhythm of the song.

  11. Today a lot of rain...what a pity!

  12. ¡ Que bonita la nieve ! por aquí no suele nevar. Besitos.

  13. Liebe Riitta,
    die Bilder des winterlichen Gartens sind wunderschön. Ich finde Schnee und Sonnenschein ist eine traumhafte Kombination, das was man sich im Winter auch wünschen kann. Zur Zeit haben wir alle Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling. Ungeduldig suchen wir seine ersten Anzeichen. Dort wo wir wohnen, in dem westlichen Teil Deutschlands, ist es immer ein bisschen wärmer als in den anderen Regionen des Landes. Deshalb zeigen sich die Vorboten des Frühlings hier früher. Ich selber bin kein Wintermensch. Diese Jahreszeit würde ich am liebsten Überspringen. Umso mehr freue ich mich auf den Frühling. Der Frühling wird auch Finnland erreichen, wenn auch ein wenig später als hier, liebe Riitta.
    Einen schönen Sonntag und viele herzliche Grüße

  14. It must be a feeling like in a grave, what a luck, when there are tulips in the shop!
    I like Pentatonics, often hear them a youtube.
    Send you a few degrees of heat

  15. Hello, lovely winter scenes and photos. I love the beautiful tulips and flowers. I am looking forward to spring.
    Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  16. It’s enough with ice & snow... glad to find here some feeling of springtime, dear Riitta. The Tulips are My Favourites!
    Happy MosaicMonday, wish you a good Week.

  17. Riitta - I like the winter photos - as you know, I am a big fan of this season. AND I adore flowers, the more colorful the better - so your collages bring me joy as well. Spring will be here before we know it! Thanks for giving us a taste for Mosaic Monday!

  18. Kyllä tässä vaiheessa, kun lunta on saatu tarpeeksi, nuo tulppaanit vievät voiton :D

  19. Ihania aurinkoisia kuvia! Runsas luminen talvi on niin kaunis.
    Upeat kukka kollaasit.

  20. Hello Riitta,
    do you mind if I link up one of your posts to my blog? I am writing something about Oodi and you have precious info...
    Thanks. I'll wait for your answer.

  21. Thanks. I will publish two posts about Oodi at the beginning of March.
    Have a nice evening!

  22. Such a wonderful post and pictures !
    And thanks for the video.
    I love the " Pentatonix "so much!
    I always hear this band often in christmastime :-)
    Warm regards

  23. Oi että miten kaunista ja aurinkoista :)


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