21 helmikuuta 2016

The End of the World

I just finished Haruki Murakami's fantastic fantasy Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
In the book he describes so beautifully snow and snowy scenery. So inspired by this Murakami's book I decided to call my white scenery after a heavy snowfall as the end of the world :))

My Clematis Viola climbs here in the summer...

At this stage I'm not so thrilled with snow, but this is how it looked in my garden on Sunday. A few weeks ago we had practically no snow and the grass was green! We Finns have a saying: Kevät keikkuen tulevi. It means that the spring is capricious and comes rocking. This is just that!

Poor Syringa vulgaris!

“Snow floated down every once in a while, but it was frail snow, like a memory fading into the distance.”

“A sheet of white extends to the lone dark vertical of the elm tree in the centre ... It is too perfect, to inviolate ... The snow is graced with waves written by the wind, the elm raises crooked arms in sleeves of white.”

I found a site with more Murakami Quotes if you are interested.

Linking to Judith's Mosaic Monday

I wish you all the very best last week of February!

10 kommenttia:

  1. Hmm, täällä Itä-Suomessa asuminen on siis helpompaa: helmikuu on ihan selvästi talvikuukausi eikä mieleen tule alkaa kuvitella, että kevät jo pian tulisi. :)
    Ihania kuvia, lumi näyttää niin puhtaalta ja pehmeältä!

    1. Minä alan helposti kuvitella :) Valkoista, pehmoista mutta painavaa lapioidessa. Päivän kuntoilut hyötyliikuntana!

  2. Actually, when snow falls I am both happy and a little upset, because it's easy, when it's too heavy or too much, that it makes damages amongst the plants and the trees in our gardens and woods ...
    Thank you for your advice, I'm taking note of the title of this book you've found so beautiful, my dearest Riitta,
    have a wonderful new week ahead, and you'll see, the snow in February melts quite easily ;)
    Sending love to you

    1. That is so true that the heavy snow easily damages branches of bushes and trees. One small conifer tree was split in my garden :((

      A lovely week for you too Dany! We are in March very soon - High hopes and good spirits!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous to see these wintery scenes. February is so capricious in here, too! A large oscillation of temperatures... and perhaps some snow will come, till the end of the month!
    Lovely aspects! Greetings and a good start in the new week!

    1. The photos are grey, there was no sunshine today... Let's see what the coming week shall bring :)) Have a lovely week Alexa!

  4. I love your winter images with the snow.
    The city I live in is in the north and the climate is temperate and it doesn't get cold enough for snow.
    However it does in other parts of New Zealand, in the mountains and I can visit there in winter to play and have fun!

    1. How good is that - to have a choice Shane! We don't but we surely can appreciate spring and summer after this!

  5. Hello, lovely winter scenes. The snow looks so pretty covering everything like a blanket. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Beautiful snow shots....I love it when snow puts on a show!

    and LivingFromHappiness


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